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PRD Series

TLTA - Viral Lists, Sharing, EC

Lists Types: Shopping, Goals, Objectives, Wishlists ~z/aWishBucketlist bucketDropsSlideNerdAndroid

~g/GoLife (Journal/Notes/?HTrack) PROBLEM with menu activity - fix ~goInterview GoLife? change top?

---- v1.0 SIMPLE Crud Category/Prj=Notebook Heaps of Notes >> Note

Basic Philosophy

  • Very few have pen
  • Very simple and easy to use faced
  • FAST - not having lots of features that make it lag

Notebooks group/organize mentally = Prj (in Category)

  • List of notebooks - + at top right adds a notebook
  • Inside a notebook > add your notes
    • Mentally helps organize huge piles of notes, also can show docs/notes for a project with lists, tasks, people ..
    • Choose the color - for notes in this project
  • Move a note between notebooks/projects
  • Sexy postit like note by projects ! Very useful is like a diary by date - in fact graphic could be like a spiral-bound notebook not postits img

List of Notes & Actions

  • Note "card" usable and stylish

    - Color for project - can show project name (?settings to avoid clutter)

  • pin it - fave it
  • Active -1=trashed, 0=inactive, 2=archived (not shown normally), 3=normal, 4=priority (pinned), 5=hot/favorite
  • move to trash (you can delete permanently or untrash it)
  • Search, by text or tags, autocomplete
    • Search from anywhere -> List of notes
  • Sort your notes alphabetically, or by newest

CRUD for Note, Detail

  • Simple add title
    • macNotes etc: Title is basically gonna be whatever you put in the first line
  • Next line is description/subtitle
  • Keeps time of last edit
  • In detail view - no keyboard is a good feature - separate edit - esp quick review (SimpleNotes button/hides kbd)

  • Tags are great to organize your notes on tags - group totally disparate notes

    • NER to pull non-trivial/non-stop words
    • Add tags to each note (bottom entry field)
      • Auto-suggest tags - from most frequently used - min,more..,all - accept

Handwriting, Speech - input

  • Handwriting is NOT a desired feature - IPadPencil, SPencil < 100m/2b phone users OCR did not work for newton, people need SPECIAL keyboard like Palm etc to get recognition Evernote dying inspite of having it
  • Bluetooth keyboard is NOT used - most DON'T have it with their mobile/pad
  • Instead

TLT support

  • Click on this √ check mark on top have like a list - (simpleNotes)

Offline and Cross Platform is vital for Data Safety

  • Data Safety and protected
  • Auto-save and backup

  • Android iOS PC and Mac

  • Notion is NOT offline - needs internet access to work
  • Sync all your notes on all those devices
  • If you lose your phone - all your hundreds of notes are still gonna have it on your PC on your Mac as long as you remember your email and your password

Collaboration and sharing

  • share it
  • you can add editors if friends have this app can edit the note as well
  • Share a note with your friends and let them edit it as well where you can send it you could publish

Personalization, Themes, Settings and Customization

  • Themes loved by many user

    • Dark theme vital
    • Night mode - or dark mode - by hour (?os specific/local timezone)

      I love the dark theme it just looks, but some may prefer the white theme

    • StdNotes 3 themes you have blue red - get more themes signup
  • Fonts

    • Customize the font
  • Photos, Images Management

    • Adjust the photos size can

Security, Encryption Features

  • StandardNotes is really protective
  • lock it ie thumb/print or PIN password
  • passcode lock fingerprint (stdNotes) protective/very simple

  • Who owns the server

  • E2E encryption - server don't know what the heck you have in your notes!
  • Per project (?or per note) add a passcode
  • Overall App PINcode, fingerprint touch ID

Data Import/export

  • import from Zemo ?Znote? so if you were using xeno
  • Migrate from evernote

Cross-platform, Server/BE, Accounts

  • Multiple accounts - separate? - NO! Useful for Multiple PC accounts?

Attach media

  • Dictate Notes (no transcription) Able to put your voice as notes EZ and seamless - "eg as I'm talking right here" start,pause,append,stop/save
  • Add a list ?within or ?attached to note
  • add documents as well as your notes

Notebooks Beautiful

Fancy Color Notebooks


Idea mgt -> XFR


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