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Mother Tongue teaching

Language Learning Platforms

  • Berlitz Connect
  • Like private online tutors
  • Personalized levels, learning paths
  • 24/7 access - learn on your preferred schedule
  • Repeat your
  • Source language can be adjusted to your own
  • Hundreds of videos, short and long form by professional native speakers and certified teachers
  • Interactive online activities to practice

Market - Avoid Expensive Brick/Mortar, Manual Tutoring

Instructor-led online language classes

Our instructor-led online language classes offer the same proven language learning techniques that we have pioneered, but with the flexibility to allow you to learn from any location and learn at your own pace. Private, group or self-paced online language classes

Group Online Classes

  • Structured
  • Learn your desired language in a more social environment

Private Online Classes

  • More Flexibility
  • Schedule your own classes based on your preferred times
  • Learn one-on-one with a native instructor
  • Make progress at your own speed
  • Personalized - starting at your own level


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