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Aerospace Trends

Covid-19 to hurt airline demand to 2025

Air traffic is not expected to recover to before COVID-19 levels before 2023 and potentially as late as 2025

Technology Review and Trends

  • Composites have greatly lightened airframes
  • More powerful engines have allowed twin engines to do the job of 4, reducing wasted "empty" turning of turbines
  • The engines themselves have become much larger and more fuel efficient.

Range and Fuel Efficiency

Series Original nm Latest nm Range % improve
737s 2,000 nm 3,500 nm 75%
747s 6,000 nm 7,700 nm 30%
777s 5,200 nm 8,500 nm 60%
787s 7,500 nm 92%

Long Range Twin-Jets Win the Race

Short range Hub/Continental - BA 737

Jumbo Jets - 4 engine - fuel burning, phased out

Technology has overtaken jumbo jet.

In the past, the farther distances required bigger planes with more engines carrying more people on board to justify flying routes.

Now many jumbo jets like the 747 jets have found their way into freight markets - but for short hauls - where the load capacity is important.


  • Boeing will pull plug on 747 - with just 13 more to be made over next 2 years, after making 1500 in the past since 1970.
  • Those jets were powered by four engines made by Raytheon Technologies ’ (RTX) Pratt & Whitney division. Over time, 747 planes have been powered by engines made by General Electric (GE) and Rolls-Royce (RR.London) too.

Airbus 380

Airbus (AIR.France) killed off its four engine, double-decker jet in 2019—the huge A380. Airbus hoped to deliver 1,200 jumbo jets over time. It will end up delivering less than 300.

BA Boeing

737 Max Fiasco

The 737 MAX has been grounded worldwide since mid-March 2019 following two deadly crashed, linked to the same cause, inside of five months.

The FAA, in June 2020 completed MAX testing flights—an important step in returning the plane to commercial service.

The Transportation Department says minutes from a 2013 meeting indicate that the company presented the software as an update to an existing system, rather than something new, to minimize regulatory scrutiny.

EADSY Airbus

H2'2020 - Cuts 15,000 employees

June 30,2020 said it will cut about 15,000 jobs by next summer as it aims to "resize" its workforce and commercial-airplane operations in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The largest job cuts will happen in Germany and France, with 5,100 and 5,000 positions eliminated.


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