Aging Best Practices, What you can do today to live to 90+

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Aging BPRs

Lifestyle is 80% of Healthy Span

Dan Buettner, “Scientific studies suggest that only about 25 percent of how long we live is dictated by genes... The other 75 percent is determined by our lifestyles and the everyday choices we make. It follows that if we optimize our lifestyles, we can maximize our life expectancies within our biological limits” (xxii).

Aging ABCs : EZ As : Safety First!

Don't Drive Distracted

Your chances of crashing increase more than 20 times when you text while driving.

Stop Smoking - Can be Done, Do it Now!

Drink? Then don't Drive!

Aging ABCs : Bs : Baby Steps to add Ten Years in One Month - Easy Pills and Lifestyle Changes

Baby Aspirin, Vitamin D, C, B12

  1. 80mg of Aspirin it protects against certain cancers and reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.
  2. Vitamin D3 - I live in a sunny climate but I take this when I got to Germany in the winter for two months. Maintaining Vitamin D is vital to bone health etc.
  3. Vitamin C - Not sure on this one but my Gran swore by it and made 97!

Eat 5 Servings of Plants a Day - Spend on it! Make it Tasty!

Start Smiling NOW! - Laugh & EQ

Short, frequent bursts of laughter reduce artery firmness, which lessens the risk of heart problems.

Aging ABCs : Cs : Normal Health - Sane Lifestyle

Mediterranean Diet (MeD)

practiced in Italy, Portugal, Spain and other countries. In addition to the foods of the Adventists, they add fish and small portions of meat products. In addition, wine is a regular attitude adjustment to their meals. These countries also show preventative benefits of a long and fruitful life practicing the MeD.

Elderly Exercise

  • Stand on one leg and balance 10" - then shift on other leg


  • Purple foods - raspberries, blueberries, ... brain foods .. congition ..

  • Eat 7 walnuts / day - rich in omega3 fat!

    • only 5% US eat treenuts (not peanuts)
  • Vitamin D - really help with diabetes, cancer, 1000 iu

Lower Carb

  • Stop Eating when 80% "full" vs eating everything on plate is NOT good
  • it takes

ex> Okinawa habit .. very long lived people ..

Proper Sleep, Relax & Nap

  • lower 1 hour sleep raises BP 37%, raises cardiac risk 25%+

  • Helps the heart relax 10-20' few times a day

    7 hours AFTER waking up & 8 hour sleep

  • differ from the

Social Connections

  • Socially loners equivalent to 15 cigs/day in health risks
  • Have coffee with friends - the social is what matters


  • Send fun videos, jokes share with friends ..wat

Middle Aged Everyday

Energy, Burn Out Busters

  • Serotonin & Dopamine - burn out, feel depressed ...

  • GOOD Golden Root (herb), acts as anchor to keep feel good hormones at high levels, energy levels stay high

  • CAFFEINE - shuts energy ..

  • Improve Sleep Beta Waves - bothering you .. calms you down .. reduce anxiety .. L-Theanine 30' to work 200mg .. half hr before .. calms down ..

Aging ABCs : Ds : Improving your Diet - Conviction!

Avoid Being Killed by SAD, Western Industrial Foods, Cravings & Addictions

Sugar Cravings

  • BG fluctuations causes sugar cravings
    • typically people skip breakfast, heavy lunch, dinner, then .. late night sugar to push up bg crashes TO GET bg to stay normal
      • Add breakfast of protein - eggs, ..
      • Add Lunch of carbs - whole wheat bread ..etc
      • Dinner fats .. avacado

Carb Cravings

  • Emotions and Carb cravings are intertwined
  • FEEL GOOD hormones stimulated with carbs - bagels, fris, spaghetti .. => Raise Dopamine .. BUT carbs nudge it up, dopamine does NOT rise up

  • Red Chili Pepper flakes help raise dopamine on food .. spikes up .. tsp or half per every meal .. SPICE helps reduce amount you eat .. 30%+ less ..

SALT Craving

  • Ghrelin Appetite Hormone .. in body .. is being burnt up .. by
    • Caralluma Fimbriata - used to shut down appetites INDIA a key ingredient in cooking
      • can be eaten as pickeled
      • help eat less and
      • Can stop production of hunger ... 50mg 2x/day $10 drugstores & health food stores ..

Good vs Metabolism Death Foods

  • Metabolism Death Foods - put body into fight-or-flight response

  • (even Whole) wheat flour - empty calories - phytic (anti nutrient blocks mineral uptake), gluten .. ruin metabolism ..

    => Coconut flour

    => Sprouted grains - kill phytic chemicals..

  • Peanut Butter => Poison for gut health - alphatoxin that kills off probiotics/.. Replace with Almond butter .. revs up metablo contains L-arginine .. human growth hormone .. 1 TBSP .. sets metabolism on fire!

  • Canola Oil is bad for metabolism .. or get that last 10 lb

    • partially hydrogenated oil - causes => Replace with PASTURE or GRASS FEED butter .. belly fat burnt with butter more omega6 fats
      • contains CLA conjugated-lineoic-acid
  • Good Cauliflower Spinach Broccoli

2020: DIET CAREFULLY - Reverse NCD/Chronic Diseases - Cost effectively

Eat and drink with a plan. Make every calorie work for your good health and beauty.

Good lifestyle factors (not smoking, exercising regularly, eating a healthy Mediterranean type diet) will prolong our lives.

Better Micro-nutrients, Hormone replacement, Meditation, Better Sleep

Replacing missing hormones as we age can add 10 to 15 years to our lives.

Sort Remedies

  1. Nicotinamide Riboside 2 x 250mg daily. This one is important because as we age, our levels of Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide or NAD+ decline and if you research it you will find that NAD+ used by our mitochondria for energy production and everything indicates higher NAD+ levels are needed for our cells to function optimally.

  2. Pterostilbene - see Pterostilbene - Scientific Review on Usage, Dosage, Side Effects this is closely related to Resveratrol and potentially

Manage your stress, Cortisol

Increase your sleep.You know when you are getting enough rest when you wake up without an alarm clock. Sleep deprivation is the number one cause of premature aging (and the most frequently overlooked). Try to sleep in total darkness.

Rare diseases, Chronic diseases and aging, are related to unconscious brain called REPTILIAN BRAIN, responsible for bodily functions.When this brain gets heated and creates pain, all becomes dysfunctional. Expel the heat from this brain and recover the function. I had a rare disease for 36 years, i tried all sorts of treatments and finally discovered the cause and the way out. Anybody having any rare disease should remove heat, pain and fear from the Reptilian brain or from the PALATE. I say Palate because it is a visible location and is blended to Reptilian brain. When you expel heat from Palate you are expelling heat from Reptilian brain. To expel the heat,pain and fear, say mentally, quietly and repeatedly this prhase for 20 minutes: ..............Heat pain and fear are going out of my palate.............Do this 6-10 times daily. After 8-10 days you will check the results trough a medical check up and see the changes.CONTINUE THE THERAPY DAILY FOR 2–4 MONTHS.

Early Warning and Treatment of Cancer

  • Cancer is a disease of the aging person. It is so, because DNA mutations happen more often as we age. On the other hand, if we diagnose cancer in stage 1 or 2 (in the early stages), it is quite often curable. So, if you diagnose cancer early and you treat it right away, you have a good chance to live a few years longer. You may come down with another cancer down the road, but treat it early again and you still live longer and so on.

One of the new criteria that is lesser known is the fact that there is a very sensitive cancer blood tests, called the Oncoblot test (released about 3 years ago by the FDA).

Demential is a Killer - Be Active, Read and be social

Some people lose the ability to reason and think because they have dementia. Do we get dementia because we are old or do we get old (age) because of dementia. It runs in my family and, pardon the phrase, is a ball-buster. I am still not sure if one has anything to do with the other. I know the brain breaks down and stops functioning the way it should. Sufferers can “forget” how to swallow or how to walk. One happened to my aunt, the other to my mother. It kills us from the inside out. Until the dementia my mom was healthy as a horse. She rarely got sick and didn’t need anything other than aspirin for pain. Ever.

Aging ABCs : Fs : Fasting and Fitness

Fasting and Autophagy - repairs cells, DNA - starvation induced

The intermittent fasting mimicking diet may help us significantly by stimulating stem cells and elongating telomeres.

It worked in mice, but the human long term experiment has only started now; this will take three generations (=90 years) to show full results. In mice the FMD was able to let mice live 3-times longer than what is normal. If this held true for humans (unlikely), this would amount to 240 years (3x80 years).

Fitness acts well

Less Weight, Body Fat - lower cancers, low Cardiac, Diabetes and other Chronic

Take Life SERIOUSLY - Safety first - Auto, Overdose, Crime

If we could live for hundreds of year, we would take any threat to life much more seriously than we do now.

  • Accidental death is ~50/100k/lifetime. So 0.9995^n = 1/2 is our accidental halflife. Works out to about 100,000 years on average.

But there's also murder, warfare, suicide, infectious diseases, etc. I think Aubrey de Grey said the average lifespan would be ~500-1000 years absent age-related diseases.

Aging ABCs : Ns : Known Nutraceuticals that seem to work

Aging ABCs : Meds Is there a magic pill? State of Research


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