Android Series: App Development Futures

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Android Core Series

Mobile Marketing

Kotlin Series

Quickstart, Lang, Resources

Android Lang Prog with Kotlin

Android Prog with Kotlin

Adv SwMgt, Tools, CI/CD, DevOps - Enabling Common code pre-Multi-platform

Kotlin ios/Andr Porting

Full Stack, BE, kt for Web, SOA

KT Multi-platform FUTURES, k/Native

KT Resources


FE UXD, Hybrid

Actionable TOP TOP

KT Wrapper

DJ Wrap Responsive as Wrapper

MDK/Begin FE/Mob @/ios/KT

Kotlin 101 Beginner Quickstart

kt GUI declarative

Anko - GUI interface

Others, Smaller

kt API, Serverless, m>BE, RESTFUL

kt Data Store

Multiplatform 101

hDev Scr

WebRTC, Comm, Collab, xDrive

Fit Tracking EZ, Step

Security, HIPAA

BT, Native APIs, hIOT Integration

  • Layering for Native APIs - devices, alarms, etc

MASTERY FE/Mob @/ios/KT Inter->Pro

KT Libs resources

Swift to kotlin conversion

?? KT Native ~x

r KT Futures

r Android Strategy and Futures

China Kills Androi

Mkt Mobile Success factors

Android Smartphones

DJ Pro


  • PCI certification not needed - If you have used an SDK in your app or used JavaScript integration where the controls are indirectly with the Payment Gateways, then you don't need to be PCI compliant. The compliance is handled by the Gateway themselves. BUT if are taking the card details or store any sensitive bank details from the customer on your servers, you need to be PCI compliant - to ensure customer data is protected and cannot be accessed by internal or other hackers. The PCI standards run a variety of tests and evidence collection to ensure that certified payment systems are foolproof.

  • easy to setup. The integration process is detailed out in the documents and it even provides library for most of the languages. Furthermore, it also allows you to charge the customer on a wide range of currencies. The payment processing is pretty fast and they also offer variety of other services like fraud detection, recurring payment etc. Higher charges when you compare it with other gateways. But the support that you get even via the chat is extra ordinary.

Payment Gateways India

  • Also stripe in india
  • PayTm setup MerchantAc,Docs,Staging/Test,Live
  • PayUMoney
  • Razorpay

ACH india - UPI

Bank Accounts(Indian) you can integrate the UPI based payment gateway(like Tez) where the app requests a user for the VPA(Virtual Private Address) and the user can pay the amount via their banking app. The client will receive the payments through their VPA. * If you can register you clients at your end, you can use Stripe as a payment gateway. Stripe generates a customer Id for each customer and any user can pay the amount directly to the clients account using the Stripe Customer Id.

Doc Formats

  • Word Docx


r Kotlin futures

DJ Deploy

deploying a Django app, you must have the following pre-requisites:

A server, capable of installing all the dependencies of the project (shared hosting doesn't allow you such privileges) A tool to transfer/replicate your project files to the server(filezilla, scp, git/svn). Once the above two things are in place, you need to set DEBUG=False in your file.

You also need to learn about the COLLECTSTATIC command. Along with that, you need to choose how you will run your project as a background process, some option are nginx+uwsgi, uwsgi, gunicorn, tmux etc.

Once you are clear about the above points, ssh into your server install the dependencies, copy the code and start your project

  • Datastores - You can store the data in a database. Django comes with SQLite by default but it can be changed through the file. Also if by data you are referring to images/other files, then the same will be available in the STATIC_ROOT/UPLOAD_ROOT path of your provided you have used them to save the data.
  • If the project is hosted to a server, you need to connect with the database from your local machine to view the data present in the database, and to view the data in the server, you need to use FTP tool like FileZilla or you will need to access the server through SSH.

Learning the Kotlin Language

Lang Quickstart




Functional, Idiomatic Prog, BPR

High Perf Kotlin

Android w. Kotlin

Kotlin IQ, Algo and DS

Kotlin for Enterprise, Cloud, SaaS, Microservices, IOT

Function=Revolution: AI

More Assistants, Support

Smart Speakers, Speech++

Pervasive, SmartThings, IOT



Wearables and Human Involvement

Robots, UAVs, CV in life

FormFactor Evolution & Device Proliferation: TV, Car, x Tablets, Wearables, IOT

Problem: Android is too fat and heavy for small device forms

Flutter, Fuchsia OS - replace Chrome, Android - Google's response to React

  • Fuchsia OS is the new project from Google and it could be the next big OS and might replace Android.
  • Maybe tile like - works better for TVs, mass users
  • Microsoft cooperation on surface? Aligns with Windows OS 95%+ of PCs/Laptops
  • Goal will be to Retain backwards Android compatibility OEM layers - so old apps will still work.

  • Problems with Android <== why FuchsiaOS

  • Fight with microkernel OS that can beat Android on performance
  • Right now Android is OS so each OEM tinkers with it and confuses users
  • Android devices retained for LONG time - lower and cheaper, resold, hand me downs!
  • Android version upgrades and features percolate very slowly - 1 year hit 10-20% of base
  • Security patches are a HUGE problem on Android bad rep, as known exploits can't be corrected fast

  • Fuchsia and the future of Android | Computerworld

Phone Extension - PAN - EarBuds, Watches, Wifi Security, Tethering Hotspots


Car - Android Auto

x SmartWatches Fails - FitBit Versa, Gear, Moto

  • Moto 360 smart watch

x Tablets

x Glasses

Android App Dev Evolution

2018 Instant Apps

  • for modular, instant, and dynamic distribution>discovery>install fast

Android App Bundle

  - APK sizes increase very rapidly =&gt; -1% conversion rate for every 5-6 Mb in app store
  - Goal is to decrease APK INITIAL size, down the road

2017 Jetpack for UI

Screwed up Fragment UI - Android Tablets HUGE failure

  • Android Tablets HUGE failure vs iPad
  • PixelBook - not well received <== confusion of is it android, chrome os, or what?
    • Google is prioritizing Chrome OS for larger devices => Future is in Retina style rich slim feels!
  • Pixel Slate - is it formally cancelled ... 3rd parties have not made money

  • Android tablet market has long been a race to the bottom, particularly as Amazon's Fire series of tablets—which run Android, though lack use of Google Play Services—significantly undercutting the market by positioning themselves as cheap content consumption devices.

  • maybe just cheap FireXX

  • Without a competitor to the iPad and Surface, Google is giving up as Apple is doubling down on tablets, with the introduction of iPadOS at WWDC 2019, bringing more tablet-specific features not available in iOS on phones.

Background Processing

Architecture Components, Modern Dev Tools

2016 Kotlin

2016 Flavors and Multiple APKs - now gone

  • Multiple APK gone - backwards compatible - Generate custom APKs -> Dynamic Delivery => play store manages per device binding - APK 35% size savings on image/res, language

  • Flavors Multiple APKs versions rapidly - hard to test! - CPU arch/bits,screen density,users


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