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By pjain      Published Sept. 1, 2020, 6:14 p.m. in blog AI-Analytics-Data   

App Stores as Toll Roads

Apple forcing 30% payments email subscription app $99/year

Appstore problem

Hey was blocked from the App Store over its refusal to allow subscribers to sign up in-app but doing so via web online attempting to avoid 30% cut that Apple would have got from in-app purchases otherwise.

“We thought we knew all the written and unwritten rules. .. But then we, with all this knowledge … can be a victim of their capricious policies. If they kick you out of the App Store, it’s like you don’t exist.” -- David Heinemeier Hansson, the co-founder of Basecamp

Hey agreeing to build features for users without a subscription ie would provide a free version of its app with substantially similar features subject to review by Apple App Store.

Email RESTORED to be More Useful

  • Transforms email into something you like and want to use

    Email used to be fun and useful - getting that friend email or useful newsletter, but then you started getting stuff you didn’t want from people you didn’t know. Now email feels like a chore, rather than a joy. Something you fall behind on. Something you clear out, not cherish.

  • In-mail docs - Sorting out annoying but important It feels great to get an email from someone you care about. Or a newsletter you enjoy. Or an update from a service you like. That’s how email used to feel all the time.

USP: Protect Time

Game changer and owning your time

You lost control over who could reach you. An avalanche of automated emails cluttered everything up.

  • spam effective - users no longer forced to keep on dealing
  • filters Long lists of “unread” messages

Protect Privacy

  • Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and Apple - let email get cluttered and wanted to profit FROM FREE

Simple, Hey Beautiful, Fast UX - Product that just works

  • Product that just works well
  • Love how elegant, intuitive and intentional the platform is. Definitely retiring my gmail account
  • Web, Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.


Epic Games

Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite introduced its own in-app payment processing into Fortnite, breaking Apple’s rules in the process. Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store; Epic sued, alleging abuse of monopoly.

Apple seduces Amazon Prime Video

Amazon made a surprising sweetheart deal with Apple. Amazon Prime customers would be able to buy streaming movies and TV shows on iOS using the credit card they have saved on file.

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