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Japan Trends, Key Factors

Japan Govt blocks Nissan-Renault AND FCA-Renault mergers - is it protecting Auto Industry?

  • For decades Carlos Ghosn and France through Renault have dominated and leveraged Nissan strength and technology for mutual benefit and global competitiveness
  • However as Ghosn is prosecuted for overpaying himself, Japan has clearly blocked any merger even as new Renault
  • As Renault tried to then compensate to merge with Fiat Chrysler early June, again Japan moved to block that saying it could harm. As key partners with Renault and Nissan are VERY interdependent with common vehicle bases, parts sourcing and intertwined tech especially in newer EV and Autonomous car tech.

TM M$207b 10xf y=2.75% c130 [(111-133) 140]


HMC M$47b c26 8xT

x Ferrari RACE $31b c165 36x

FCAU M22b c14 6xT

TTM $8b c12 6xT

Consolidation at Global Scale

By Type of Vehicle

light commercial vehicles

Group Share Units
Fiat-Peugot 34% 755k
Renault 16%
Ford 16%
VW 12%
Daimler 10%
* Data for 2019 or market share of 34%,

VW-Audi-Porsche empire No.1

Fiat-Peugeot $50b Merger No.4

June'2020 snag on Small Van dominance in Europe

Shares in Fiat Chrysler and PSA have both slumped by nearly 30% since the start of this year due to the impact of the coronavirus.

Fiat Chrysler’s (FCHA.MI) planned $50 billion merger with Peugeot maker PSA (PEUP.PA) Fiat and PSA are looking to merge to help offset slowing demand and shoulder the cost of making cleaner vehicles to meet tougher emissions regulations. The deal will put the Italian carmaker’s brands including Fiat, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, Maserati and the French company’s Peugeot, Opel and DS all under one roof.

  • Together two produced 755k light commercial vehicles in 2019 or market share of 34%, By far leader after which was Renault 16%, Ford 16%, VW 12%, Daimler 10%. EU regulators voiced concerns about the companies’ market share in small vans, indicating concessions may be required Fiat Chrysler and PSA already produce vans through a 50-50 joint venture called Sevel. Based in Atessa, Italy, Sevel is Europe’s largest assembly plant for vans, producing 1,200 units a day before interruptions due to the coronavirus.


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