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By pjain      Published May 10, 2020, 11:43 p.m. in blog Programming   


Dio, Retrofit

I had been using retrofit with dio, that was already a great improvement over simple hand-written REST wrappers, I'm going to take a look at flutter_data to get rid of all the code in my provider models

That's how I started with my first project, but found myself duplicating a lot of code that already existed. Flutter Data makes it really simple to get going fast and impressively, it's still pretty damn customizable when you need to get down to the lower-level.


Clean architecture series can get very intense and laboriously slow!

Clean architecture can be overwhelming. Better scale up as you need. Flutter Data lets you easily start accessing data repositories from the widget layer, and add further abstractions as your app becomes more complex.

  • e.g. Reso's TDD


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