Blog7: Privacy, Community and Data Issues in Online Content Systems

By pjain      Published June 21, 2019, 7:38 p.m. in blog Lambda7   

Blog7 : Freedom of Speech, Anonymity and Trolls - Basic problems

Privacy and Data security vs Ad and Identity sales

  • Case law on this subject.

Anonymity allows Trolls to Emerge in all their ugliness - Real names will curb the worst and hateful

Adults have to model discourse for children. We’re not doing that well.

[Real Names will affect most of all] trolls whom have become aggressive and hateful are the ones to go after, but the others will not go away.

I am tired of trying to engage in conversation or learn something each day only to see people post stuff that is nasty or not relevant to the topic.

Positive Change in Online discussions with Real name forcing alone

Dangers of data-mining Real Names

We could be exposing people to attacks in their homes, in public or losing friends and family based on posting something that someone else may not like if we have to use our real names.

Cyber-bullying by hiding behind fake profiles and usernames

I use my real name and have had my workplace and home address posted on the internet by gutless trolls behind user names. I live in Canada and proposed changes to laws in two provinces may expand the definition of cyber bullying. The days of insulting and lying about someone without consequence are soon coming to an end

Social Media is Targeted to Influence Causes, Politics - Trolls leverage and spend hours to do this

Trolls are not just individuals but mostly paid or part of volunteer groups, right! So, what do they care, they’re the types who want a cause and effect, so they’ll go to the lengths they think will achieve their aims. The main aim being to shape discussions toward their bias, propaganda and goals.

The organized groups of trolls however are likely to not be affected either by removing anonymity. Instead they will

Professional affiliations and Repercussions

  • Already employers look at your posts on social media like facebook, so it can hurt your career if you are thoughtless in your posts

Long debates about Anonymity and "Arab Spring" like movements

Whether or not commenters on blogs and news sites should post with their identity — and how that identify is verified — is part of a long-running debate in the internet age. Many sites have guidelines that allow anonymity but prohibit the use of profanity, threats and other abuses. - Free speech vs Mob Lynching "Trolls"

Fake profiles will still continue - too easy to create Online Email accounts and IDs

Freedom of Speech has limits

“I feel that freedom of expression is given to people who stand up for what they say and [are] not hiding behind anonymity,” she said. “We need to evolve a platform to meet the needs of the grown-up Internet.” - Arianna Huffington, Aug 2013


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