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Huge Industry most profitable Oil & Gas

  • 400 mMT of plastics by industry
  • North Am 8% growth, double digits in APAC, RoW

  • But Plastics is Sustainable packaging

  • Huge value to fresh foods - extends life 2-3 weeks vs normal paper/cardboard

  • Most growing market in packaging

  • Strong and light vs Glass/Aluminium - less shipping cost, overall lower CO2 footprint

  • Plastics more durable than wood, much cheapter

Plastics Waste Environmental Impact

  • Plastic Sea - millenials may hate it ..
  • But Plastics sustainable packaging
  • Most growing market in packaging

400 mMT of plastics by industry - 8 mMT ends up as Waste problem - often - Chemical councils

Plastics Makers

DOW - spun out by 2019Q1

  • FY 2021 c60 ()

  • FY 2018 Q3 sales up 18% in which past growth 1 digit!

  • Saudi JV with Sadara coming online - service APAC, Africa - Low Cost Leader
  • Gulf Coast ventures poly - 3 big ones in 2020-21 - take advantage of Gas - serve Americas

  • Top

  • Sch B rating, 7/15/21 downgraded to Underperform from Neutral at BofA Securities.
  • Div Qtrly 70c annual div 4.5%

  • About Dow Chemical Company

  • Split up from DowDuPont into 3 companies
  • Jim Fitterling, CEO of DowDuPont subsidiary The Dow Chemical Company, to hear about its impending spin-off and the chemical business at large.

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