t Chronic: Geriatric Health Care

By pjain      Published June 18, 2019, 4:01 a.m. in blog Startups   

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Chronic/Geriatric Health Care Keys and Trends

Market Review and Strategies

Chronic/Geriatric Health Care Startup Hottest Opportunities - Developed World

Chronic Health Care Startup Impactful Developing World

Chronic/Geriatric Markets Review

Diabetes Testing and Point-of-Test Coaching: Freestyle, Livongo, OneDrop

Medicine Adherence is 50% : Apps and Smart Pillboxes

Tricella Bluetooth pillbox

BP Control is 40% - can be LOT better

Assistive Tech

Large size smartphones

  • Jitterbug Smart2

  • PowerTel M9500

  • super loud upto 90xb ~subway train + additional boost by 40db using manual special volume boost button
  • Large 5" phone
  • Very simple User interface with large, clearly labelled buttons for main voice and messaging



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