Cocaine Drug Wars

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Scope, Impact, Size

In 2008 in USA there were 1.9m cocaine users, of which 359,000 used crack. - National Study on Drug Use and Health



1980s starting there was an epidemic of crack use in poor and mostly Black communities.

Heroin, Cocaine, Ganja 101


Cocaine and crack produce very different effects in the body, largely related to how they are usually administered.

Impact on Body

When cocaine is snorted, its effects occur in about 1-5 minutes; they peak within 20-30 minutes; and they dissipate within 1-2 hours.

Crack and cocaine also differ in the manner in which they are used. Cocaine is typically snorted, and crack is typically smoked.

Powder Cocaine - "Rich White Dudes"

Traditionally Powder was the concentrated form smuggled into rich countries like USA and refined to fine powder form.

Cocaine is generally found in white powder form.

Generally powder is inhaled for direct highs. but injection is not the most common method of cocaine consumption, it is used by some people.

Effects and Highs

Euphoria Heightened alertness More intense sensory perception

Symptoms of Drug Highs

  • Dilated Pupils
  • Decreased Appetite
  • Increased Heart Rate
  • Intense Cravings - ?Munchies

Time and Intensity

The effects of crack take hold in under a minute, peak in 3-5 minutes, and last 30-60 minutes. If cocaine is injected, however, the effects begin, peak, and for about as long as crack. While injection is not the most common method of cocaine consumption, it is used by some people.

A difference between crack and cocaine relates to the high produced. The intensity and duration of the high largely relate to how the drug is taken, per the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Generally, when cocaine is injected or smoked, the drug takes effect more quickly, resulting in a more intense but shorter high. When cocaine is snorted, it takes longer to feel its effects but the resulting high lasts longer.


Symptoms of Withdrawal

  • Agitation
  • Intense cravings
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Muscle Pain
  • Suicidal thoughts


Overdose can lead to convulsions, coma and death

Adulterations can cause toxicity and death

Crack - Poor, Homeless, Black and "Crack Whores with Crack Babies"

Crack is found in a rock form that is generally white, cream, tan, or light brown.

However as Cocaine is expensive to buy on the streets. Crack was developed as a cheaper alternative to cocaine, making it more easily affordable to users. As a less expensive alternative, it became more accessible to those in the lower socioeconomic demographic. These people had less disposable income available to spend on drugs, but they were seeking options to get high. This brought crack use to low-income and minority communities. By the 1980s, there was an epidemic of crack use in these communities.

Perception that cocaine is associated with more affluent drug users, whereas crack use is associated with those in lower income brackets and minorities.

Despite this widespread belief, information from the National Institute on Drug Abuse showed that in 1991, the majority of crack users were Caucasian.

Gateways and Transitions

Generally, those who want a more intense, faster, cheaper high are attracted to crack. Some people begin with cocaine use and then transition to crack use when the habit of cocaine use is too expensive to maintain.

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