D3 Charting

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=== D3 Basic Tute

  • Boilerplate - see it in a web server only ..

    <!DOCTYPE html>

    &lt;script src="d3.min.js"&gt;&lt;/script&gt;
    &lt;script src="d3plus.js"&gt;&lt;/script&gt;
        /* Custom JavaScript goes here. */

  • Load tsv using builtins this makes an array data = [{ Assualt:4512, Burglary:sdfs, Larcerny:323, ... Year:},..] d3.tsv("state_crime.tsv", function(error, state_crime) { if (error) return console.error(error); // DEBUG> console.log(state_crime); //set as data .. make_viz(state_crime) });

  • Chart it function make_viz(data){ var visualization = d3plus.viz() .container("#viz") .data(data) .type("tree_map") .id("State") .size("Assault") .time("Year") .draw() }

D3 Rvw ---> What why, Overview


Take a peek at the D3js.org examples page to see the breadth of visualizations you can create.



D3plus lowers the bar to coding in D3 by allowing users to deploy quick visualizations based on a limited set of visualizations–like bar charts, scatter plots, line plots and geo maps–and utilities–like fonts and colors–for customizing charts. - docs https://github.com/alexandersimoes/d3plus/wiki - gh https://github.com/alexandersimoes/d3plus - ex http://d3plus.org/examples/ - blog http://d3plus.org/blog/

Learning to code an interactive visualization in D3plus is the perfect introduction to D3. * Alexander Simoes, Dave Landry, and the folks at César Hidalgo’s Macro Connections lab at the M.I.T. Media Lab https://github.com/alexandersimoes/d3plus https://twitter.com/davelandry https://twitter.com/cesifoti

  • Tutes EZ
  • Simple line plot storybench.org/build-simple-line-plot-or-bar-chart-d3-using-d3plus-js/
  • Off1: Getting Started with D3plus part 1: The Basics d3plus.org/blog/getting-started/2014/06/12/getting-started-1/
  • Guide to Creating Visualizations http://d3plus.org/blog/advanced/2014/09/28/new-visualization-guide/

  • Training Workshop - http://d3plus.org/blog/getting-started/2015/04/06/d3plus-comtrade-workshop/

xCharts for D3

https://github.com/xgfe/xCharts http://xgfe.github.io/xCharts/ <-- chinese

c3js for D3

http://c3js.org/ DOCS - http://c3js.org/reference.html

D3 based JS Charting libs

DJ Dashboard 101

rtOS DJ Dashboard. D3 Analytics

thor-project/dashboard-tutorial: Tutorial on how to create metrics dashboards like the THOR Dashboard Building Dashboards with Django and D3 - 【126Kr】 Over 2000 D3.js Examples and Demos | TechSlides (45) Drag and Drop Visuals in your Interactive Dashboard – Gridster & D3.js Idiot-proofing a dashboard Django Packages : Charts

django best data visualization - Google Search Building Dashboards with Django and D3 — dreisbach.us

areski/django-nvd3: Django wrapper for nvd3 - It's time for beautiful charts Countly/countly-server: This is the home for Countly Mobile & Web Analytics and Marketing Platform. Countly helps you collect data and understand insights of your application. Available self-hosted or on private cloud.

r D3

Data Visualization and D3.js Course | Udacity

Pro Charts, D3, - protoviz old http://mbostock.github.com/d3/ Django nvd3: https://github.com/areski/django-nvd3 Intro Get Started

  • https://d3js.org/ D3 is an open source JavaScript library released under BSD license. It provides a tremendous amount of charts, graphs and other methods for data visualization. D3 gives you almost everything that you need to visually represent your data of any kind. The website provides comprehensive documentation and examples to help getting started and reduce the time to get familiar with the charting library and how to use it.

  • http://c3js.org/ C3.js is a charting library based on D3. It consists of a huge collection of charts including a stacked bar chart, scatter plot, combination chart, multiple XY line chart and much more that you can integrate into to your web applications. C3.js is a free charting library and provide examples of the charts and graphs that it supports. The library has a good documentation. In the case of any issue or bugs, you can report them on their GitHub issues page.

Other Free and Premium JS Charting libs

  • PlusCharts http://www.pluscharts.com/ A free charting library that can be downloaded and added to your website for the visual representation of data. The library supports all the most popular charts including line chart, pie chart, bar chart, donut charts, column charts etc. The big collection of charts include graphs that are simple and lightweight. Also, the charts are completely responsive and very customizable. PlusCharts provides good documentation and is compatible with all the modern browsers. They provide great support also, however they do not provide free support.

  • TOO SIMPLE - http://morrisjs.github.io/morris.js/ Morris Charts has “good-looking charts shouldn’t be difficult” as their motto. This charting library is also a popular charting library and is used in many admin templates – free and premium alike. The charts used in Morris charts focus on simplicity and effectiveness. There are 4 types of charts in the library – line, area, bar, and donut charts. Morris charts provide a free license. The license details are provided on the website. There is also a detailed documentation for the charts.

  • http://www.flotcharts.org/ Flot charts is another one of the charting libraries frequently seen in admin templates and other web applications. This charting library has many different charts to help visualize data with simplicity and attractive features in your web application. These include stacked charts, thresholding the data, tracking curves with a crosshair to name a few.

  • https://ecomfe.github.io/echarts-doc/public/en/download.html Echarts is a free charting library that provides 18 different types of charts. These charts are simple yet colorful and interactive. These include funnel charts, heat maps, candlestick, scatter plot, pictorial bars etc. The documentation is very extensive and comprehensive and is really helpful in getting started with the charts.

  • https://gionkunz.github.io/chartist-js/ Chartist is an open source JavaScript charting library and supports different types of line charts, bar charts, and pie charts. The charts in Chartist.js are responsive and can provide creative animations to make the data interactive. Chartist.js is supported in all the modern browsers. There are proper documentation and illustration of the charts and graphs on the website



data visualization - making a linegraph that shows population decay with dc.js and crossfilter - Stack Overflow

DC.js for Data Science Essential Training dc.js paralllel cordinates - Google Groups DC.js Interactive Visualizations AutoDC - Quickly create Dc.js dashboard prototypes from raw csv data. [OC] : dataisbeautiful dc.js - Dimensional Charting Javascript Library

austinlyons/dcjs-leaflet-untappd: Beer Drinking Data Vizualization using dc.js, Crossfilter, and Leaflet Creating interactive charts with dc.js – levithatcher.com Interactive Data Visualization using D3.js, DC.js, Nodejs and MongoDB | Anmol Koul (5) Making Dashboards with Dc.js - Part 1: Using Crossfilter.js by The Myth - YouTube

Full stack Django, DC.js, D3, ..

Interactive Data Visualization of Geospatial Data using D3.js, DC.js, Leaflet.js and Python // Adil Moujahid // Data Analytics and more


(5) Interactive D3.js Crossfilter Dashboard Demo 1 - YouTube Data Visualization Libraries Based on D3.JS - Mike McDearmon (46) Interactive Dashboard With D3.js, Crossfilter, and Dc.js - Data Visualization Code | Analytics and Dashboard Design Ideas | Pinterest Building Dashboards with Django and D3 — dreisbach.us

D3 Usage --> Mapping, for Logistics

Data Viz Geographics


Draw 4 DCs on US Map

  • Draw JSON on map for 25 "chain store" out of 50 states

  • UI manipulator Logistics strategy picker - equal - specific DC Item picker (1 json file/cat)

  • Draw distribution to delivery to chain store for store pickup

D3 101, Resources


(45) Interactive Dashboard With D3.js, Crossfilter, and Dc.js - Data Visualization Code | Analytics and Dashboard Design Ideas | Pinterest dataviz.tools » JavaScript & D3 Libraries Data Visualization Libraries Based on D3.JS - Mike McDearmon (1) Are open source technologies like D3.js, DC.js, NodeJS and MongoDB good choices for learning to be a business intelligence developer? - Quora 12 Best Charting Libraries for Web Developers

D3 Charting

Building a Multi-Line Chart Using D3.js D3.js in Action (Book) | Santa Clara County Library | BiblioCommons D3.js 4.x Data Visualization - Third Edition D3.js: Cutting-edge Data Visualization Data Visualization with D3 4.x Cookbook - Second Edition Learning D3.js 4 Mapping (eBook) | Santa Clara County Library | BiblioCommons Creating interactive visualizations of large datasets using JavaScript | Daniel Pradilla](https://www.danielpradilla.info/blog/interactive-visualizations-javascript/)

D3 VIZ Bpr

Talk:Lesson03 - Visual Analytics and Applications Visualize | Keen IO Data Visualization and D3.js Newsletter Issue 99 | DashingD3js.com

D3 DC/Crossfilter

D3 Use Cases

Map leaflet



Medical, Epidemic

D3 layered


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