Dashboards 101, Quickstart

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Dash Components - UXD++

Fit Chart is an Android view similar to Google Fit wheel chart. Nice little breathing progress which can be used in replacement with the default ProgressBar in Android.

Android Rings A simple chart for Android with three indicators and one more to indicate overall summary. They get highlighted if you click on the ring or text. https://www.uplabs.com/posts/rings-library/redirect

OfficeDev/Virtual-Health-Templates: SharePoint templates, documentation, and sample code for Office 365 virtual healthcare scenarios onejgordon/flow-dashboard: A goal, task & habit tracker + personal dashboard to focus on what matters

Multi-user, configurable/automation


Big Data Dashboards Features

Dashboards/VIZ Runtime Engine

Fast loading dashboards with configurable caching
Deep integration with Druid allows for Superset to stay blazing fast while slicing and dicing large, realtime datasets

A wide array of beautiful visualizations to showcase your data.

Easy, code-free, user flows to drill down and slice and dice the data underlying exposed dashboards. The dashboards and charts acts as a starting point for deeper analysis.

Enhanced Visualization Authoring tool Features

All of this aggregated data is then made available in a visual editor that eliminates the need for special coding knowledge from anyone who interacts with the data.

Responsive Visualization Dashboards

mobile-first approach to building data visualizations

The Domo platform takes a mobile-first approach to building data visualizations, ensuring that your charts look good wherever you need to access them.

Real time Alerting, Notification Cross - Channel, Escalation

The platform’s focus on accessibility extends to their real-time exceptions notifications. Alerts bring stakeholders to the data, while the data-centered chat gives teams a way to collaborate from anywhere.

PDF Dashboards


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