Dating Technical Review

By pjain      Published Jan. 18, 2021, 3:27 a.m. in blog Startups   

Dating Technical Reviews

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Especially in markets like India where potential predators on a dating app are a huge menace, Bumble has an advantage. Bumble’s UI-UX is very secure from a woman’s point of view.

WOMEN INVITED. Bumble initiated this BUT Tinder followed in response to Bumble’s women-friendly UI-UX. It lets women make the first move in initiating a chat after users are matched with each other. “It’s a great feature to solve the problem of trust through design. But Tinder’s follow-through strategy, meaning the 'adulting can wait' campaign, seems weak,” he says. “I find it very confusing that they still want to be the enemy of adulting.”


Bumble uses face recognition technology to allow you to verify your profile, he says. “It has the most advanced user experience among all the dating apps out there currently.

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