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By pjain      Published April 21, 2020, 7:38 p.m. in blog Programming   

Debug 101

Debug 101

How to debug Django

  • see error console line numbers
  • TIP: Keep checklist/list of common errors - often it is same ones that keep coming up!

PDB Print out into console

  • PDB (Python Debugger). That comes in a standart set of usual python distribution
  • key docs
  • command list

  • In code that you may need to debug import pdb

  • And then somewhere in code in a place where you need to stop and watch. pdb.set_trace()
  • Execute server in some accessible console (eg in a ssh terminal) ..
  • CLI when it hits path of code .. will provide REPL >>> param ['exapmple', 'values', 'list'] >>> help >>> print param # ['exapmple', 'values', 'list'] >>> dir(param) # Lists more detail about variables, etc..

Browser Debugging - chrome dev tools

Debug, 10x



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