Defensive Low Cost, High Impact Military Counters

By pjain      Published March 7, 2021, 10:46 p.m. in blog Geo-Politics   

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Low Tech Counters to High Tech

For virtually every high-tech weapon, there is a low-tech counter.


Israeli Kamikaze Drones beat Soviet S-400 in Armenia - with added feint of attack to light up radar batteries and establish targets.


Our struggles to deal with IEDs in Iraq is the perfect example of this. Massive armored Humvees couldn't counter it. The Pentagon spent $20 billion to develop counter-IED systems only to come to the realization that nothing worked as well as a dog.

BRAINS are high Value = Independent Strategic thinking

US should not be meat-puppets of the UK or Israel

Cyber-Warfare - US prepared!


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