Democrat Party and Support Dynamics 101

By pjain      Published Jan. 23, 2021, 7:58 p.m. in blog Fin-Plan-Strategy   

Democratic Notes ---

Repeal Trumpism - 20+ EOs

Rapid Economic Recovery

The Democrats have a guaranteed majority for two years. They should act boldly instead of compromising and spend two years using every tool at your disposal to accomplish the agenda promised and they will be rewarded with mid-term victories to consolidate Congress control.

Beyond aggressive, Biden needs high quality administrators and needs to be ruthless and efficient. The clock is ticking and if their democratic strategy is going to work, it has to be implemented on a tight time schedule so that the people can see the fruit of hard work and policy reform.

Willpower to Get Agenda Through


Like Trump, did, with 20+ EOs on day 1, it is time to use Biden's Presidential powers. Biden must not be afraid to use the powers of the presidency (i.e., executive orders when necessary as Republicans work to stonewall him).

PR, Achievements

Biden (and his fellow Democrats) must broadcast their accomplishments far and wide on a regular basis

Packing SCOTUS to prevent interference in government and future tight elections

McConnell by not allowing Garland's nomination to be heard, Garland was not confirmed. This led the way for Trump to appoint three justices, not two. Garland is not personally entitled to a seat; the Democrats are. Biden, therefore, should choose someone younger than Garland. Biden should actually add four justices, so that the Democrats have a 7 to 6 minority. This can be justified by the fact that the last three justices have been appointed by a president who lost the popular vote. We're stuck with the undemocratic Electoral College for the foreseeable future, but we can mitigate its effects so as to promote democracy.

No "bi-partisianism"

The expectation of cooperation from McConnell and the rest of his seditionist party, then one would be poking oneself in the eye if the expectation is that they will work nicely with Schumer or Biden himself.

Health Care

Medicaid expansion

Many states still refuse to accept a huge inflow of federal money, which would bring jobs as well as alleviating suffering, because their desire to punish the poor and own the libs outweighs even monetary considerations.

Immigration Reforms

Tackle Obstructionism

Filibuster PROBLEM in Senate exploited heavily by Republicans

The filibuster must end. If ever there was a time to end it, it's now with even Senate in 2021. America is reeling, and enormous programs, improvements and systematic changes have never been more needed. So Biden's best chance of getting a lot done is filibuster elimination, and to do so he needs to get Manchin and all Democratic Senators on board. A lot of good for millions of people can be done in '21 and '22. If the cost of ending the filibuster is similar to what happened after Obama got the ACA passed, plus GOP retaliation at some point, so be it. - NYT comment

How to Fight Republican Senate Obstruction

Now in Jan 2021, Mitch McConnell is threatening to paralyze the Senate immediately unless Democrats pledge to let him block almost everything they want to do. Biden knows better and doesn't want to experience again what Obama did in 2010 and in 2014 after Mitch got control of the Senate after mid-terms.

2012+ Obama attempted to repair the damaged economy in 2009 the Republicans were nothing but obstructionists. What amazes me is how evil they were, yes evil, to sacrifice the betterment of the American people for their political gain. Obama as he has admitted believed that his reasoned arguments and honest desire to work together would persuade the Republicans. My hope is that Biden doesn't repeat the mistake a naive Obama made: trying to compromise with the GOP long after it was obvious that they weren't interested in compromising. McConnell has indicated that he is not going to work with Biden on behalf of the US. He's going to work on continuing to destroy as much of the social safety net as he can, obstructing any aid package for the Americans that need government assistance to get through this extreme crisis, and then he'll retire leaving someone else to mop up.

Even from 1992+, newly elected "slick" Bill Clinton presided over peace and prosperity — and still faced scorched-earth opposition and right-wing terrorism. White supremacists aren't satisfied with living well, they insist that others suffer.

--- Democrat Agenda

Too Slim Senate lead

Any single (D) Senator (esp Manchin) can derail legislation.

Tax-Cut sanity

  1. They should introduce a bill to reverse the debt-funded Trump-GOP tax cut for the upper brackets. That would cover the Biden Covid bill -- and it would do far more for the economy. "Taxes are what we pay for a civilized society," said Chief Justice Olive Wendell Holmes. Since Republicans reduced high end taxes, our civilized society has deteriorated to near barbarism.

  2. Tax increase for super-high earners like Jeff Bezos and other billionaires.

  3. Capital Gains exemption reduced to reduce inequality.

--- Democrat Policies

Fool the Masses, Don't help Minorities, Get paid by Military Complex, Pharma, Wall Street

Democratic Power Bases

Environmentalists and Nuts

Left-leaning Media


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