Development Strategy St4US PVT

By pjain      Published Oct. 19, 2019, 12:34 a.m. in blog Programming   

Keys and Takeaways

80% Full Stack Django with Own Fiber-Optic "Cage"

Launch Android apps in Play store - evolve them!

Big Question: React, ES6/TS, xRN

Be flexible as a developer not Android,IOS,Web

Greater Specialization needed - Jack of Arts doesn't work now

While in an early stage, freelancers like me can also be an IOS developer. Clients can hire me to also deliver on IOS apps, and as needed I will learn deeper IOS apps development. I am a mobile developer but I know how to write server side scripts as well. So I know Android really well, IOS good to POC and server side good enough to deploy backend, also I know one full stack - Django (also good is RoR).

Intensity - Billion Dollar Apps => Deep Tech Stacks for Money Making Systems

Learn Server side as well - KISS!

Developers don't just stick to one thing. I am a mobile developer but I know how to write server side scripts as well.

Be aware of UXD and UI design - to deliver nice apps

And most of the time clients demand for both IOS and Android apps.

Be Picky on tech stacks => Wait for some maturity before jumping in

Too many frameworks, too little time

  • Avoid most Google fickle stuff - they throw things out to see if stick - NGx, Flutter, Go, etc. Others in industry go crazy about niche stuff - Rust, etc.
  • Reality, is while any toolchain

Avoid proprietary stuff - Oracle,IBM,Microsoft,AWS - lock you in, no support!


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