Diabetes Fitness and Workouts BPR

By pjain      Published June 11, 2019, 12:46 a.m. in blog Health   

Digital Personal Training and Workouts BPR, Specs

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Early termination on Lack of Progress - need encouragement

Often workouts are hard, painful and when no immediate benefit observed .. people lose hope. Having

3-5x week workout Compliance is a big issue

Who notes the trick will be whether subscribers actually put the recommended routines to work...

Programs for Personalized Trainers

Market overview

There are a whole slew of those on the market. Quite possibly some even specifically aimed at diabetics.

Idea - doctor can prescribe workout regimens for diabetics


A digital personal trainer for DIY exercisers.

This is the first that's crossed my path with a sort of seal of approval from folks with a foot in both camps of diabetes management and performance sports science.

  • Access the free YouTube vids (which are primarily marketing the product)
  • It has favorable reviews from some of the fitness-orientated endocrinologists


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