Diabetes Medicines based Treatment

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Standard Diabetes Treatment - Progressive increase of meds or insulin

Managing Costs of Meds

Diabetes medications don’t come cheap. Based on a recent study of the cost of diabetes care, paying for the drugs and supplies you need to treat the disease runs more than $6,000 per year, on average. That can be a tremendous financial burden, especially if you don’t have adequate—or any—prescription drug coverage, or if you pay a good deal for your health insurance coverage.

Pharma discount programs

There are resources, however, to help out. Pharmaceutical companies’ patient assistance programs can help you receive select drugs at no or lower cost if you meet their eligibility requirements. Guidelines vary from program to program, but in general, they’re based on your current health care coverage and your household income. If your health insurance includes prescription drug coverage that meets the cost of your medications or if your income exceeds the program’s limits, you may be unable to participate in the program.



Obscene US abuse by Pharmas - far cheaper in Europe, Canada

Insulin in Canada can be purchased online and delivered to the US. Canada sells insulin OTC--no prescription required (various pens also). Prices way cheaper than the US. You CAN bring insulin back from Canada, figure a 3-month supply is reasonable. So likely no issues with US Customs, etc as long as you don't go nuts and buy an outrageous amount and try to bring it into the US.

The link rxcanada4less.com is to a Vancouver Canada pharmacy that specifically states they sell insulin and deliver to the US. Contact via phone (toll free), e-mail, etc.

If you go to Canada and buy it yourself, no prescription needed. However, for delivery to the US (via mail or UPS/FedEx, etc), you need to send them a prescription from your doctor. Max 3-month supply.

Walmart saves lives with cheap insulin

As a T2 diabetic, I used the Walmart $25 vials for years before switching to a keto diet.

Insulin Prices cause deaths

Discount Programs by Pharmas to Counter Abuses

Essentially, only for people with no insurance. So not eligible if have Medicare, Medicaid, etc. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-sanofi-fr-insulin/sanofi-to-cut-us-insulin-costs-for-some-patients-to-99-per-month-idUSKCN1RM0Y3

Cheap Generic Insulins

A cheaper generic version of the rapid-acting insulin Humalog has hit the market, according to a statement Wednesday by drugmaker Eli Lilly. The company announced its plans in March amid growing concerns about the soaring prices of drugs, insulin in particular. The prices have led many people with diabetes to cut back on their insulin in order to save on costs, in some cases leading to harmful or even deadly complications.


Advanced Medicine Treatment

New higher targets for Glycemic levels for Sick Diabetics

About a third of Americans over age 65 have diabetes; last month, the Endocrine Society unveiled new guidelines for their treatment.

Its recommendations included higher glucose and A1c targets for older people with diabetes, particularly those with several other chronic illnesses and cognitive impairment, or those having difficulty handling daily activities.... In recent years, a number of medical groups have advocated more moderate blood sugar targets for older patients, including the American Geriatrics Society, the American College of Physicians, the American Diabetes Association and the Veterans Affairs medical system.

Having the Endocrine Society also weigh in — its membership includes most endocrinologists treating patients in the United States — may help spread the word.... ...the Endocrine Society guidelines and others recommend lower blood glucose levels and hemoglobin A1c ranges for older adults in good health, but higher targets for those with other illnesses and limited life expectancies. They likely won’t survive long enough to benefit from strict glycemic control; in the meantime, it could hurt them.

The Endocrine Society suggests an A1c from 7 to 7.5 percent for the healthiest older people, depending on whether they’re taking drugs that can cause hypoglycemia. The ranges increase to 7.5 to 8 percent for those with several chronic illnesses or with early dementia and other impairments, and to 8 to 8.5 percent for those in poor health.

SRC - Endocrine society raises targets


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