Diabetes Mobile Apps for Self Management

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Diabetes Self Management of Blood Sugars : AI and Apps Reviews

KEY: Complexity and challenges of SMBG

Self-management tasks such as regular medication and insulin use, frequent blood sugar checks, strict diet management, and consistent exercise can be quite challenging.

Do Mobile Apps help? How?

Does AI help?

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Diabetes Self Management of Blood Sugars and Apps in India

KEY: Only 25% do even 2x/week BG Monitoring in well followed Indian patients

SMBG was performed >2times/week by 65% of study population.

Apollo Sugar App : Achieves Positive Glycemic Control Outcomes

  • Apollo Sugar Clinics is a pan-India chain of state of art, integrated care network of diabetes specialty clinics. Apollo Sugar App is an Android app provided to patients. This studied live health interactions were between Sugar health coaches and 10,000 patients with T2DM, registered at Apollo Sugar Clinics over 6 months.

Meaningful health interactions with health coach were identified in 317 patients which were categorized into medication, diet, exercise, and self-monitoring blood glucose (SMBG).

  • Total 10800 health interactions were captured
  • 2000 categorized as meaningful interactions
    • 29% on diet
    • 25% on meaningful use of SMBG data.
    • 21% on exercise
    • 19% on medication change
    • 4% on insulin dose
    • 2% on hypoglycemia

SMBG was performed >2 times/week by 65% of study population.

Pre-meal and post-meal SMBG target were achieved in 35% and 24% of patients, respectively.

28% achieved control reductions in <2 weeks and no hypoglycemic episodes occurred in any of the patients.

There was a considerable reduction in mean HbA1c (-0.7%), fasting plasma glucose (-41.5mg/dL) and post-prandial glucose (-100.7mg/dL) at 3 months follow-up.

SRC: Diabetes 2018 Jul; 67(Supplement 1) -. https://doi.org/10.2337/db18-949-P

Apollo Sugar App for Connected health care

Based on connected diabetes care and technology with a human touch that keeps you always in good hands and can help you achieve control of Diabetes (HBA1c, FF, PP). With this app, you can now access your Prescriptions, Lab Reports, and Vitals and get support whenever you need to understand these results and the related treatment plan. You also get to chat with a personalized Health Coach, get personalized educational information on diabetes, and access personalized tips and reminders on diet, medication compliance and activity tracking. Our app is a complete solution, a seamless extension of our expert clinics, to enable you as a patient to comply with treatment, interact with health coaches, and maintain optimum blood glucose levels. Google Play

  • Tracking patient’s daily health parameters.
  • Access your Prescriptions, Lab Reports, and Vitals
  • Manage exercise (steps walked/day), diet (diets logged/per day), and detect other lifestyle considerations (e.g. hours of sleep per day, typical active / inactive daily patterns of activity).
  • Improve compliance with medication and lifestyle modifications (e.g. inbuilt reminders for medication, diet logging, self monitoring of blood glucose)
  • Access health coaches (certified diabetes educators) at your finger tips – either thru app or dial a help line.
  • Provide constant support mechanism to prevent / protects from very low and high blood sugar levels.(i.e Hypoglycemia and Hyperglycemia)

  • Logging is all remote - turns off sometimes

  • Custom meter, strip - trying to duplicate OneDrop/Livongo? It is difficult to get the glucome strip and it is not even available in the apollo sugar clinic. - App is weak point - AND IT NEEDS google Fit installed on phone - How can I use the Sugar testing machine without this app? *


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