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By pjain      Published Aug. 3, 2020, 5:56 a.m. in blog Business-Management   


Atom/VSCode + MD Preview


  1. Integrate Markdown Preview Enhanced (MPE) to Atom or VSCode by Settings>Search for Markdown Preview Enhanced > Install
  2. Create a new draft document with .md extension.
  3. See docs and examples at - Introduction - Markdown Preview Enhanced
Shortcuts Functionality
cmd-k v or ctrl-k v Open preview to the Side
cmd-shift-v or ctrl-shift-v Open preview
ctrl-shift-s Sync preview / Sync source
shift-enter Run Code Chunk
ctrl-shift-enter Run all Code Chunks
cmd-= or cmd-shift-= Preview zoom in
cmd-- or cmd-shift-_ Preview zoom out
cmd-0 Preview reset zoom
esc Toggle sidebar TOC

When you export your markdown file to GFM Markdown, the diagrams will be saved as png images to your imageFolderPath defined in package settings. You can control the exported image filename by declaring {filename="your_file_name.png"}.





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