Django Dashboards

By pjain      Published Dec. 30, 2019, 6:46 a.m. in blog AI-Analytics-Data   

Django Dashboards Keys, Lessons

r Dash

r DJ Dashboards

DJ Dash Tutorials, Priority

Responsive Dash BS4

DJ Dash Simple Bootstrap 4

QZ Atlas Cardy

Atlas is now an open platform for everyone’s charts and data — Quartz Quartz's Atlas becomes open platform for building charts, data visualizations | International Journalists' Network Quartz maps a future for its interactive charts with Atlas » Nieman Journalism Lab Quartz/Chartbuilder: A front-end charting application that facilitates easy creation of simple beautiful charts Quartz’s Spartan Chart Maker Is Now Free For Anyone To Use

DJ Admin Dash - BS4

DJ Admin based Dashboard Other

DASHboards for Android

!PRIO RapidPro

Resources Other


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