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Drone Technology 101

Few base frames and accessories add on to make "Custom" Drones

Companies like Hubsan, produce a few base frames and accessories add on to make "Custom" Drones, often making consumers "mount" the accessories like PC add-in cards! From the H107 to the H502 you get stable flight and responsive controls up to GPS routing and HD cameras.

Military UAVs $1m+, Professional $10k+, Most Consumer under $500

On the bottom end "toys", you can grab a $30 drone from even the local grocery store

$300+ to get something that flies well, but pay more for something that is more durable.

$500+ to get something that takes great photos

$800+ for something that takes great video.

High-end professional and commercial drones that have price tags well beyond $10,000,

Onboard CPUs/GPUs to support inference

Nvidia's Jetson technology uses deep learning algorithms to help the drones understand and react to the world around them, the company says.

Drone Technology Key Factors

Few Base Frame types

Accessory Model

DJI is a master of adding features well beyond what most of us will use for any given flight, DJI is constantly adding value to their products through new accessories or software features.

Multirotors, larger sizes for Prosumer Drones $2k to $10k

  • The top positions in the ranking are occupied by manufacturers of multirotor drones in the prosumer sector, namely drones up to a price of $2k to $10k USD.

At these price points these companies can sell professionally eg to utilities scale for power line inspection. They are already serving a broad market and are therefore able to scale their business adding niche sales.

AV as Drone Piloting Key Cost item

To sell professionally eg to utilities need to scale for power line inspection. But hundreds of drone pilots will be needed with recharging stations, etc. Any AV will greatly reduce the TCO.


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