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Drone Markets, Key Factors 101

  • Now people are using drones for videography, deliveries, and so much more.

Many niche suppliers

Behind the large market players such as DJI and Yuneec, companies follow that either manufacture professional solutions for the most common industries (e.g. Energy, Construction, etc.) or for very specific niche applications. Often they survive by serving consumer and professional. The dual-use sector is dominated by US drone manufacturers.

Military market Vital Financier

Manufacturers in the dual-use segment often show a strong tendency towards the military market. In the past, companies in this sector were often able to conclude contracts worth millions with defense or other governmental ministries.

Industry leader by Country

China shows its dominance with seven companies in the top 20 ranking of the world’s commercial drone manufacturers.

The dual-use sector is dominated by US drone manufacturers.

Drone Applications Overview

Consumer Applications


Many people use drones to capture aerial photo and video. - GoPro, DJI and Parrot

Hobby drones

While military drones have gotten a huge amount of attention, there’s also a huge market for hobbyists. Many people use drones for fun to capture amazing photography or just to learn how to fly.

Racing drones

  • Draco racing drone from Uvify launched Jan'2018
  • OOri, a great mini drone is for consumer play as well.
  • Walkera has some of the best ready-to-fly racing drones but also toy-class and professional grade

Toy Drones for Kids

On the bottom end "toys", you can grab a $30 drone from even the local grocery store - Hubspan is a under $100 drone.

OOri, a great mini drone is for consumer play as well.


Entertainment and Professional Photography

Commercial Applications

EMT, Fire Fighting, SAR

First responders, firefighters, search and rescue teams, security agencies

Warehouse Analytics and Monitoring

Nvidia's tech has also been used in warehouse analytics drones from company Intelligent Flying Machines, or IFM. Autonomous drones are driving exciting new capabilities – from streamlining warehouses and inspecting lengths of hard-to-access power lines in real time to aiding in search and rescue operations in difficult terrain

Field surveying and inspection

AV/DL based drones could for example be used for inspecting lengths of hard-to-access power lines.

Aerialtronics, which makes technologically advanced commercial drones that can be used for power line and wind turbine inspections and other applications.

Farm Productivity

Aerospace and Deliveries Applications - Larger Drones

Drone Deliveries

Amazon has a huge global delivery operation, so it’s no surprise that they’ve been considering unmanned aircraft as a delivery solution. They started testing their Amazon Prime Air delivery service in 2019.

The FAA recently released a set of new rules that look very promising for Amazon and their fleet of drones. Small drones will now be permitted to fly without the special waivers that were previously required. This makes them one of the best drone stocks to watch right now.

Passenger flight with Drone Technology

Commercial Passenger Flights

Futurists envision that passenger drones would be part of smart cities around the world. They could potentially be used for transportation as well as shipping, firefighting, tourism, and so much more.


Military, Defense Applications

The military has long used drones to carry out covert operations

Drone Pilot Training, Regulations and Legal Issues

USA-China Security Challenges

There is a major move by Western governments to ban imports of Chinese drone technology in the current political environment of tensions between Beijing and Washington/Europe after Huawei/ZTE.

Regulations in the USA before you Fly!

Drone Pilot Regulations are different

If you are flying for pay, or any other form of compensation, you must operate under a different set of rules and possess a commercial drone license.

Drone Pilot Training

It’s not too hard to get a commercial Drone Pilot but it will take some time to learn all the rules. We want to help you learn the rules and get your commercial license, check out sample drone pilot training materials.

Regulations Globally!

  • https://dronerush.com/international-drone-laws-16520/


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