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v0.5 Specs

Notes Specs

  • Schema Prj >> Notes

    • Cat(notTable) >> Prj - hardwire property of Prj
    • No seq like todos
    • Date
  • UXD Flow Nav Show by top notes - what is a top note?

    List Tap -> Edit (could also be Detail/Show but more taps!) Long Press -> Edit +> add Sort by title asc, date created desc, ??? Add/Edit - difference if item.id != null, prepopulate context eg projectid,category Appbar Delete -> confirm via dialog, pop2list Appbar Save -> triggers save/add or update


  • Subtitle as description truncated, ellipsed,
  • Search (in title or body)



  • Appbar title as first "part" of title - not whole, ellipsed
  • Repeat full title
  • Project
  • Color?
  • Description in full - scrolling


  • Confirmation

v1.0 Specs - Diary


  • Add tests


Add reminder for daily reflections

Cross-platform, Login/Auth

  • AUTH
  • Users can Register
  • Users that are registered can Log in
  • User can view their profile
  • User can edit their profile

  • Once user is authenticated: User can add a diary entry User can edit a diary entry but only on the same day it was created User can add their favorite quote to their profile User can choose to receive email notifications

  • Handle network status robustness

  • Offline Editing is primary - but can have cross-platform

v1.5 Specs

v 2.0 Specs

------- Scratch

Notes Forms

No Form - State

      TextEditingController _titleController;
      TextEditingController _descriptionController;
  @override void initState() { super.initState();
    _titleController = new TextEditingController(text: widget.note.title);
    _descriptionController = new TextEditingController(text: widget.note.description);
  build .. Column
    TextField(controller: _titleController, decoration: InputDecoration(labelText: 'Title'), ),
    TextField(controller: _descriptionController, decoration: InputDecoration(labelText: 'Description'), ),
    RaisedButton(child: (widget.note.id != null) ? Text('Update') : Text('Add'),
      onPressed: () {
        if (widget.note.id != null) {
          db.updateNote(Note.fromMap({'id': widget.note.id, 'title': _titleController.text, 'description': _descriptionController.text })).then((_) {
            Navigator.pop(context, 'update');
        } else {
          db.saveNote(Note(_titleController.text, _descriptionController.text)).then((_) {
            Navigator.pop(context, 'save');


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