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Part of Productivity and Communication Skills Series

Simple Workgroup, Team Productivity Design and Specs

Conceptual Requirements

  • Builds on single person Work-life task management software

Core Schema, Conceptual Flows

Flows used often

  • Swim lanes - flow of tasks - Backlog > In Progress > Testing > Done

Boards >> Project/List >> TaskCard

  • Problem - 1 board at a time
  • Desktop still limited to ~5 lists - scrolling horizontally is a drag (1280 width) => move to board!
  • Mobile DOESN't work well for "setting a project"

TaskCard is the core

Color Labels coding - MULTIPLE slim on border - people trained to handle 3-5 easily
Due dttime
Members - initials
Attachments>> arbitrary pic,text,docs,links
Tasks have likes
Task card / edit pencil (?same as click on card to modal?)
  • Click on a card to see what is behind it
  • Modal Dialog for each task card with fluid, edit-in-place rapid data entry for each task
  • Text can include ANY kind of hyperlink including to other lists, tasks,
  • Can include checklist "embedded" within the text

  • You can dnd a card to ANYWHERE - reorder within list, or to another list or a board ?how

  • Can keep space manageable by ARCHIVING taskcards (or dnd to Done list - even across multiple projects/lists)

People = Members

  • Security is by allocating or removing people from a board
  • Invite your team to this board using Add members button
  • DnD people onto a card to indicate they are responsible for task

Data Security, Safety, Import/Export



r Team Productivity


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