ECommerce-cum-Open Hardware DB for Makers ST4US

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ST4US HackerHouse -> Virtual Success not Fluffy, Showy Space

BM$ Strategy

We partner with start-ups through every stage of the development of their product, not just offering prototyping facilities, but also co-working, advisory and funding support

Core: Prototyping Products

What works is a straight-forward prototyping lab.

Collaboration between Makerspaces - national

In London, all the city's makerspaces meet regularly as members of the Open Workshop Network,

Indian makerspace founders openly scoffed at the idea of collaboration between them.

ID, Design Thinking for success

  • A product approach, rather than project approach for incubator.

Think Global - International Network of Interconnected - Co-Makers

Connections and Grant giving


Angel Capital


BM$ Level 1 EC Member - free Pickup

BM$ Level 0 Free - Workshops for Parents, Kids - free or "donation"

Product focussed Resources for Success

It is unique as it facilitates partnership with shops "down the road" from a plethora of materials and tools suppliers, making the neighborhood a one-stop shop for making almost anything.

BM$ Level 1a Class+Hourly Member - Tours offered, Field trips, including Adult+Child

THE Workshop is in many ways the opposite of IKP Eden, offering ad-hoc prototyping facilities for individual projects. They’ve gone so far in that direction as to offer hourly rates (220 rupees < $5 / hour), for really quick, spontaneous work.

Level 1b ARTISAN Members: Artsy, Basic Fabs are lower cost

It probably the most niche, with the fewest digital fabrication tools and the smallest space. Although their members work on some tech projects, their focus is definitively on architecture and art installations.

Annabelle Viegas (architect) and Craig Dmello (story teller) established the space as a base for their own projects, but came to realize that while their fabrication tools weren’t always being used, plenty of other people could benefit from access.

BM$ Level 2a Hobbyist Members : Not enough but entry level

  • EG IKP Eden also supports about 20 or so hobbyist subscribers, and offer periodic workshops for amateurs.

BM$ Level 3 HQ: Co-working, Offices, Meeting, Promoting

  • E.g. IKP Eden is an incubator plus adds to business model. It focuses specifically on incubating start-ups - 40+ Serious companies

BM$ Level 4 Incubator : Startups

ECommerce for Makers BM$

Speciality EC needed for more complex, lots of parts

Shop for a variety of Do-It-Yourself kits, Arduino boards, sensors etc on this EC platform.

Niche EC needed as speciality customers who do not have discounts in mind, but just want good materials to work with.

Physical Shops not going to fly due to speciality, Remote customers

Higher ticket order

  • In india, Maker ECs have near to Re 2,000 cart value

Signon tens of vendors

Drop-ship is common

Returns Limited, also to factory

Sample OS lists of Maker Projects

Follet Learning

EShops for Makers

Makery Labs - Bengalaru

This niche ecommerce player is a marketplace just for makers - Founded July 2015, first app Nov 2015 - Website Dec 2015 - maker products are complex need more info so webscreens and laptops! - Lalith Jain, CEO

  • PayUmoney for payments, Tx
  • COD option
  • Free delivery for Re500+

Fabricators - design and get prototypes delivered



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