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By pjain      Published June 18, 2021, 12:35 a.m. in blog Geo-Politics   

Education Policy and Labor Force Development

Vocational not Empty College Degrees - Germany

K12 Learning Project Skills - not drudge Homework and Drill-to-Test

In Finland, a country whose students are among the world’s best educated, Moore learns that little to no homework is assigned, standardized testing is a rarity and education is based on learning an array of skills with the emphasis on the growth of the whole person.

Shorter School Day vs Childcare

Finland’s short school days (which supposedly result in the world’s top students) wouldn’t be sustainable for many working-class parents, who would then find themselves in need of additional childcare.

Schools as Safety Net

Socialist Finland boasts more educational achievement partly because the U.S. massive inequality, rising homelessness, illegal immgration and poverty and violence burden our students at a much higher rate.

Moore likewise ignores the fact that longer school days can be a boon to students in violent neighborhoods, since they’re likelier to be safer in schools than on the streets.

Universal Free College Education

In Slovenia, Moore discovers that college education is not only free but also available to foreign students (though students pay small registration fees to the colleges).


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