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Elder Fitness 101

--- Geriatrics 101 ---- XFR


  • EU oldest aging residents to 2070s 37% to be 60+, low birth rates and rising lifespans

The elderly individuals, of whom 60–75% are healthy, 20–30% suffer from chronic diseases, and 2–10% are “frail,” should benefit from health-related differentiated and targeted measures applied in the different contexts in which they live.

75% Healthy Elderly - Preventative not motivating, QOL is

25% Chronic Diseases of Elderly

T he growing number of older persons suffering of chronic diseases increases demands on the public healthcare system, costs for management, and social burden. Delirium, sarcopenia, frailty, balance disorders, falls, dizziness, and urinary incontinence are just some the most common medical conditions that occur among the elderly.

Even among the independent elderly we see diminished quality of life (QOL), and contribute to their physical and cognitive decline, disability, and death.

15% Hospice/Community Dependent

10% Sick, Incontinent, Frail

How much impact can we have?

However, aging itself should not be considered negatively, and many interventions can be set up by the governments, communities, and families in order to promote health, participation, social inclusion, and security of older people and improve their QOL

--- Geriatric Preventative and Normal-Cure




--- Elderly Coaching

Physical medicine and rehabilitation


  • Rehabilitation Medicine for Elderly Patients hv

--- Geriatric Common Chronic Disease Care



COPD and Asthma

--- Geriatric Disease Care

Spinal lesions

--- Geriatric Bed Ridden and Frail

Bed Rest Syndrome - Bedridden has no real benefits and is usually Harmful





--- Geriatric Mental Health Care

Cognitive therapy

Sexual dysfunction rehabilitation


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