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Family Law - worst representation

Poor Families being hurt by no representation

And 80%-90% of people appear in court without a lawyer, in important cases such as the custody of children and child support, the loss of a home, and debt collection.

Civil Cases Market Review

Unlike in the criminal context, there’s no federal constitutional right to counsel in civil cases.

There are still ongoing efforts to help litigants who can't afford counsel, however. An organization called Civil Gideon is trying to expand the right to counsel to cover certain civil disputes. They were backed by the American Bar Association in 2006, but there remains questions on how the state would pay for the program.

Civil cases can involve a range of critical issues, including housing, public benefits, child custody and domestic violence. And while some civil litigants may be entitled to counsel in certain jurisdictions, in most of these cases, people who cannot afford a lawyer will be forced to go it alone.

Doing so may mean that they fail to make it through the process, have their case dismissed or lose what otherwise would have been a winning case.

Property, Tenant-Law Cases

Inheritance, Wills, Trust Cases

Criminal Cases - Gross Inequality

Eighty percent of state criminal defendants cannot afford to pay for a lawyer, and only those who are actually incarcerated are constitutionally entitled to appointed counsel. Many people facing misdemeanor charges can, if convicted, be subjected to significant fines and fees, or face the loss of benefits (including housing) or deportation.

Yet, they have no right to an attorney, and those who cannot afford a lawyer will go without one.


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