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Environmental Damage, EDCs


  • 1950 - As early as 1950, researchers reported severe impact on birds including roosters development - effectively chemically castrating them.
  • 1972 US Federal Restrictions on DDT
  • Bird populations including bald eagles, badly depleted bird life rebounded


25,000,000x multiplication in birds and predators, much higher in humans

  • Chemicals from sewage, industrial pollution accumulate in ground waters, rivers and eg Great Lakes.
  • They are absorbed by plant phytoplankton which amplify 250x, and by animal Zooplankton which amplify 500x
  • Mysids tiny prawn like crustaceons eat the plankton amplifying 45,000x concentration of chemicals
  • Smelt/tiny fish eat the mysids amplifying another 835,000x
  • Lake Trout eat smelt amplifying 2,800,000x
  • Finally predators like Bald eagles and Herring Gull eat many trout amplifying total 25,000,000x ppm in lake water


  • VERY SMALL quantities of chemicals can disrupt hormones, even cross-generational across the womb.

  • FERTILITY They scramble fertility esp male sperm count rapid decline, can create intersex individuals that are neither male nor female.

  • METABOLIC DISORDERS cause obesity, T2D, IR, PCOS.
  • Breast cancer tied to environmental factors.

Dioxins, Synthetic Estrogens, Birth Control, HRT, DES experiments

Can do pharmacology had tragic medical misadventures with synthetic estrogens, ending up in the tragedies around DES.

Even men were affected dramatically, as synthetic chemicals that mimic estrogen caused testicular cancer, male genital defects and reduced sperm counts.

The conclusion was that VERY SMALL quantities of chemicals can disrupt hormones, even cross-generational across the womb.

EPA regulation timeline

  • Clinton 1992-2000 supportive of EPA. Carol Browner EPA initiated requirement that chemicals be studied for hormone e

Books, Resources

Our Stolen Future: Are we Threatening Fertility, Intelligence and Survival

  • by Theo Colborn, et al., 1997 Theo is a EDC expert and spent her professional life on impact on wildlife.

Climate Change

Cause: FluroCarbons, Emissions - destroyed Ozone layer protecting against Space Origin Damaging Radiation

In hindsight, science was very slow to respond to the CFCs threat. Luckily this has reversed due to SHARP dependence between CFCs and Ozone Layer. But it took decades to make progress on this.

Cause: Greenhouse Gasses - C02, CH4

Northern Polar, Greenland Ice Melting - disrupts sea currents

In 2007, the scientific consensus was the northern polar ice cap due to global warming, would melt eventually ”in the latter part of the 21st century.” But just two years later, new estimates suggested that the Arctic Ocean would be free of ice in the summer as soon as 2030 or 2040. This is likely to be pushed earlier very soon.

Books, Resources

Stolen Future, Broken Present: The Human Significance of Climate Change

  • by David A. Collings, 2014

An Inconvenient Truth

  • 2007 - Al Gore’s documentary


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