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Specs for Quiz, About Me

Types of quizzes

Categories organization - Multiple Screens Button Color Changes On Click

Multiple subjects and Uses

  • Download for free now, prepare for exams, improve vocabulary!

Vocab Support


  • Result Page
  • Dashboard

Show Progress

  • Horiz progress bar at top ..

Learning Support

  • Learn easier and faster, using flashcards
  • spaced repetition system.
  • Timer (30 sec By Default)
  • Spaced interval memory algorithms

Backend, BM$, Question Pool


  • Download question pools
  • Freemium eg vocab


  • Import Questions From Csv,JSON
  • lots of JSON Files to Open for Diffrent Cards / Languages
    • rating of questions - use for learning, difficulty
    • link back to url of content

Cross Platform Learning - Web,@/i

  • Synchronized across all devices;
  • Sharing with friends;
  • Install the Delern Flashcards on your devices: phones, tablets.
  • The progress and cards will be synchronized across all your devices. Learn even when you are offline and don't have an Internet connection. Share your flashcards with friends to learn together.

Integration with BE

  • Gamification, scoring - accuracy + time
  • Leaderboard

  • Authoring ON Device

  • Note: VERY FEW INSTALLS if push "create your decks" as first card
  • Easily create and manage your own flashcards to learn all sorts of things.

  • Available learning in Offline;

  • Cards and learning progress saved in a Cloud;
  • Supported flashcards content: Text, Markdown.

Specs UXD

Feedback on right/wrong, Progress Bar

  • Documentation link for more info - in both right/wrong
  • At end of quiz-set - show RESULT summary - of x/o responses with MCQ

UXD, image background

cards+Background colors for German cards;

Flow - categories


rOS F!

rOS Other


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