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By pjain      Published April 29, 2020, 7:12 p.m. in blog Lambda7   

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Todos List

All tasks with completed as strike-thru, due date and priority Calendar View for day - separate Priority Tasks - odd layout

UXD innovations for List

Emoji in addition to text title or List Avatar, tap to integrate Habit Trk Multi-Fab Button, List Avatar, Alt color highlighted tasks by Group List in dark mode

Add, Edit, Delete Todo

  • Basic Add - Priority, Date Picker

Date entry - Smart, AI based!

Priority entry - Smart, AI based!

Task Context Menu - actions

Lots of Attachments, Details per Todo

Dash Top Web View - High Information Content Model

Folder of Projects - lots of decorative details

Project >> Lists of Todos >> Notes Collab

  • Wunderlist is prime example for this

Scr, Resources



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