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1) COCA 20000 word frequency table and COCA 60000 word frequency table are collected from the Internet, and if infringed, they will be deleted if notified.

2) The high school English vocabulary is compiled from the "2016 College Entrance Examination National Paper English Exam Outline 3500 Glossary word version" ( ).

3) Collegiate English Vocabulary 6 is compiled from the "National College English Test Levels 4 and 6 Exam Outline" 2016 Edition ( ).

4) The TOEFL and GRE vocabulary come from my personally saved data, which originated from the 2003 version of Kingsoft PowerWord. I have not been in contact with research for more than ten years, and I do not know whether it is still valid.

5) The Lemmas document is from .

6) Concise English-Chinese Dictionary contains 100,000 words, which are downloaded from the Internet. The original label is "Oxford Concise English-Chinese Dictionary" Yunyun, which seems to be inconsistent with the facts. Its interpretation may come from the major online dictionaries or (and) other vocabularies on the Internet. I edited it a little bit, such as deleting unexplained prefixes (some explanations were added as appropriate), and garbled characters found in the explanations were corrected with an online dictionary.

See the main idea:

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