Evaluating Health Care Services

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Doctor Evaluation BPR and Lessons

Right Discipline

School they Went to

AGE: Should not be too old

You may want to establish an approximate age of the physician.

  1. Years of experience. You may be interested in seeing a doctor who has been in practice for a long time and is therefore very experienced.
  2. 20 years is probably optimal

  3. Uptodate with Current - A recent doctor is likely to be more uptodate, but obviously less experienced. So you may be interested in a younger doctor who has been taught in a top-rated quality medical school to use more modern equipment or may be more up-to-date on research in a specialty area.

  4. Does it Match Your temperament? If a doctor is quite a bit older than you are.

  5. Loss of Doctor to retirement? The doctor may retire or leave practice before you get older yourself, then you may want to keep searching for one who is younger, or at least closer in age to you. Especially if your symptoms or diagnosis are chronic, you'll want to establish a relationship with a doctor who can treat you during the rest of your lifetime.

Speciality and Interests

Ethnic discrimination - What is Right for you!

The classic medical doctor like on the TV shoes is white, older and highly competent usually Jewish. However that may not be good for you if he is arrogant!

  1. Avoid Indian doctors from third tier Indian colleges. If you are white you may be deferred but they may disregard other races including Indians.

  2. As an Indian, I have found Chinese, Vietnamese sometimes have communication problems and disregard Indians, etc.

  3. Did they get hired for racial diversity,etc. Unlike Indians and Chinese

What medical Degree

DOs vs MDs

DO or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine is a professional doctoral degree of osteopathic medicine offered by medical schools in the United States. A DO graduate may become licensed as a physician, as may a graduate who has earned the Doctor of Medicine degree.

Alternative Medicine

Practice Doctor Evaluation Sites

AMA DoctorFinder. Basic information on more than 814,000 physicians in the U.S. You get information on specialty training, board certification, and more. But there is no information on patient outcomes, disciplinary actions, or communication skills.

AngiesList.com. User reviews on an A through F scale, sometimes based on a limited number of responses, for categories such as availability, punctuality, staff friendliness, and effectiveness of treatment. Requires an annual membership fee ranging from $3.50 to $10, depending on services you select.

Castle Connolly. Ratings of "top doctors" based on peer nominations, research, screening, and other factors. Search by name, location, hospital, specialty, or insurance.

Healthgrades.com. Comprehensive, easy-to-use site that allows searches by name, procedure, specialty, or condition. Includes info on education, affiliated hospitals (and ratings on the hospital itself), sanctions, malpractice claims and board actions, office locations, and insurance plans. Ratings on topics such as patient satisfaction and wait time are based on patient feedback, which can be limited.

National Committee for Quality Assurance. Reliable information on doctors who meet important standards in measures such as being a patient-centered medical home, care for heart disease, diabetes, and back pain. NCQA verifies a doctor's licensing, but other data is self-reported.

Physician Compare. Information from the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for people looking for health care providers who accept Medicare. Provides information on board certification, education, and group and hospital affiliations.

Doctor Evaluation PRO Sites - license only info

Is doctor Licensed?

With no license, the doctor is not allowed to practice medicine. You can further research the doctor with the state physician licensing board in each state where he or she is licensed.

Does Age and Years of Licensing in your state matchup? Any gaps?

If the doctor has not been licensed for as long as you think he or she should have been.

Definitely do some general digging on the web using that doctor's name and possibly other states' names to see if you can turn up his or her former practice. That may give you a clue as to why the doctor moved.

You may be able to assess how long a physician has practiced in one place at your states' medical licensing board site, or it may require one of the online doctor listing sites. For example, if a doctor is 50 years old, but appears to have been practicing in his or her location for fewer than 10 years, that indicates an interruption in his or her practice. 1. Move to another state pre-retirement 2. He may have lost his license due to negligence in another state before moving to their current location.

Board Certification for specialties

Doctors may claim various board certifications in medical specialties. These credentials are verified by medical facilities who employ them or grant them privileges, but you may check board certification as well. Doctors may be board-certified in one area, but actually practicing in a different area of medicine.

Medical School and Residency Degrees

You may not know how old a doctor is when all you have is a name, so this information will give you some insight into his or her background and education credentials.

  • FSMB site shows medical school education and graduation dates.
  • In some states, there will be more information about residency on their licensing site.
  • Third party sites like UCompareHealthcare.

Search NPI

This has a lot of info based on licensure, years in practice, etc.

  • https://www.topnpi.com/

General Review Sites

To find general commentary about a doctor's practice, you might turn to some of the online doctors' rating sites. However, be aware that these ratings are subjective and may have been influenced in many ways.

Complaints or Malpractice Suites

A doctor may have been reported problems for anything from a bad attitude to an unclean office to malpractice. Problems for others may become problems for you. The FSMB site will list any actions related to medical malpractice, but you may want to do further web searches for the doctor by name for suits that may be pending.

Disciplinary Actions - Actual Penalties

These are related to malpractice or other disciplinary actions brought against the physician. There will be only basic information, but this is a prompt to search further with the state licensing board and online searches.


Doctor Search Nearby, Specialists, Information and Sites

Mainly a doctor info site, providing information about healthcare practices and physicians in a user-friendly manner. Patients can narrow their search by name, specialty, condition, procedure, gender, availability, and review/rating.

These sites have 10+ m

Has reviews of doctors, hospitals, urgent care facilities, specialists, and treatment and recovery facilities. Patients can find healthcare practices by location, name, and insurance.

--- True Review sites



Yelp is a trusted online review site that provides the most reliable and helpful reviews. It allows patients to rate their experiences and share reviews. Patients can rate doctors and hospitals for care, cost, comfort, cleanliness, and a lot more.

  • Problem is large providers like Sutter Health, have blacked out all Yelp reviews - no data provided


EZ Doctor can conduct a background check on providers before choosing and find providers by location, name, and specialty.

--- Info and search mainly Doctor

BM$ Freemium Listings Directories - Featured Doctors


  • 30m mau

U.S. News Doctor Finder

Allows physicians to create a profile with complete details about their contact information, insurance policy, experience, and affiliation. Patients can explore doctors by specialty, name, and location.


Mainly patient education, health information and management tools to subscribers. It also has a doctor’s directory to help patients explore a provider by name, location, condition, and procedure. This is a paid listing site and Doctors need to pay a fee to be listed.


In this directory, you can search for doctors, health and wellness providers, and dentists. You can ask questions to providers and explore providers by name, specialty, and city or state.


This is a paid service to list your practice to gain an online presence and get new prospects.

--- Smaller Sites


CareDash provides information about healthcare practices and physicians in a transparent, accessible, and comprehensive manner. - CareDash

ShareCare.com - wellness

ShareCare gives personalized resources, programs, and information to evaluate their options.

Wellness.com - search info

Has healthcare listings and multiple resources for medical and health information in the form of interactive visitor surveys and blogs. Patients can explore providers by state, city, or Zipcode. However, they may charge a fee. - Wellness.com

-- Dr Appointment and Contact/Chat Sites

Business Models

Sites like Zocdoc are quite unreliable on reviews as practicaly no large providers and few inde doctors use it book appointments. Patients can explore doctors by office location, specialty, name, and insurance accepted. Most of these sites require doctors to pay a fee in order to be listed on their site.

These websites take paid advertisements from providers. Doctors that have paid a fee to the website are listed at the top of your search as “featured."

  • PROBLEM: Stripped Reviews

ZocDoc.com - Leader

Zocdoc has a mobile app and online service to let patients browse reviews and book appointments. Patients can explore doctors by office location, specialty, name, and insurance accepted. Zocdoc requires doctors to pay a fee in order to be listed on their site.


A comprehensive online provider directory letting you search for providers by a specific condition and location.


Claims 30m mau. Listings include certification, business hours, training, and payment options. Patients can find providers by name, specialty, and health insurance. - Doctor.com


A free service that allows consumers to schedule and automate their appointment process. They can schedule their appointments with healthcare providers by choosing an available time slot.

--- Speciality Review Sites

RateMDs - Canada focus?

RateMDs has more than one million doctor profiles and 2 million reviews. It allows patients to search for doctors by name, state, specialty, and ZIP code. This site also offers information about patients’ ratings on staff, helpfulness, and punctuality.

RealPatientRatings.com - Plastic Surgery

Claims to have the largest verified database for plastic surgery patient reviews. It has more than 189,000 verified reviews from patients. - RealPatientRatings

RealSelf.com - dermatology, minimally-invasive, plastic surgery

It has more than 20,000 physician listings and gets 9.9 million visits a month. Patients can find providers through the Treatment Finder tool.

Labdraw - labs & pharmacies

Mainly laboratory service and healthcare provider directories to help patients find the best service or provider.

--- General Review Sites


Google My Business receives more than 155 million visits per month. By listing your healthcare practice on Google My Business, you can manage your online presence across Google search, and Google maps.

Facebook Pages

With more than 1.31 billion active users. But having a position in your market can be quite difficult.

Facebook ADS is something may be worth investing in, as a per-visit ASP is $150-$300 typically. Surgeries can be thousands of dollars.

The best way is for your healthcare practice needs to have a presence on this social media network to stay connected with your audience.

Doctor Reviews Mass Diluted Sites

Market Review and Impact

  • 92.4% of consumers use online reviews to influence their purchasing decisions. When it specifically comes to healthcare:
  • 90% of patients said that they will choose another provider if there are no online reviews about a physician or practice they have been referred to.
  • 81% of patients say that they will still conduct online research on providers even after they are referred to a primary care doctor
  • 37% of patients use online reviews as a first step for a doctor search
  • 60.8% of patients have avoided doctors based on negative reviews
  • 59.9% have selected a doctor based on a positive review
  • Today’s patients (47.5%) trust online reviews as much as a doctor’s recommendation (46.8%)

  • SRC NRC Health 

Lessons for Doctors in todays Social Media era --- xfr---

Why bother to get good ratings

In order to maintain a healthy online reputation and provide the best care experience for your patients.

  • Most complaints may be due to receptionists, office decor, wait time, punctuality.
  • Bedside manners matter - being rushed and EQ are quite important - important to be nice to patient.

  • MONITOR. Ensuring you don’t have negative reviews and a bad reputation on these sites. You should personally and office staff continuously monitor all reviews made of your practice.

  • PROACTIVE FOLLOWUP. If you have some negative reviews, you should address them as soon as possible.

  • Staying ahead means building strong patient relationships

  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Evaluate how your office stacks up against all review criteria (scheduling, wait times, follow-ups, etc.)

  • SEE Tips for Managing Online Physician Review Sites

Top Review sites

Know the important ones in your market.

Google is the most used review website with 37 percent of the respondents using it, followed by HealthGrades (26 percent) and RateMDs (13 percent).

Problems of Review sites

  • Most complaints may be due to receptionists, office decor, wait time, punctuality.


Patient Education



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