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Lambda7 Edge Services DevOps Strategy 4US

EZ to automate

  • Note want periodic

EZ to integrate with goMDK automation IFTT adapters

Why do this - red ocean?

Cloud/SaaS is hot - but how reliable

Segue to AI-based - pre-down ML - across 1000s of services ..

BIZ STR - Biz Model - PagerDuty compeitor

  • Monitor the


  • The free version may display ads. Those will be removed when upgrading to the Pro Version via In-App Purchase.
  • Unlimited servers by service tier levels, <10 free, 10-100,. 100-500, 500-1000, ... Unlimited
  • Cross platform syncing
  • Premium paid support

Server Monitoring


Monitor the performance of your website, web service, your personal server farm or your home network. Or all at the same time. You never have to refresh, as you always get the most up-to-date and accurate information in real-time.

F! Apps for Personal DIRECT monitoring

Cross-platform syncing of monitoring setup BM$

  • iCloud Syncing All servers are automatically saved across sessions and synced to all devices via iCloud. So they are always just one tap away.

Real-time & concurrent multi-server monitoring in Background

Lambda7 Services Monitor is the most advanced way to monitor 1 to thousands of services and servers. - Unlimited servers (within device performance limits). > Normally need to upgrade to Pro versions to monitor more than 3 servers at the same time and to enable background & URL monitoring, But Lambda7 monitoring free for <10. - Why should you bother with a refresh button? Just watch all your servers in real-time. - Will even keep watching your servers while in background.(normally a pro paid feature $4+ on App stores)

  • Using Background Fetch you can keep an eye on your servers even while you are not using your mobile device.

    When exactly and how often Background Fetches are executed is solely decided by iOS. Note can get disabled - Paid version doesn’t work in background even though Apple has APIs for this.

Standard App Features and Support

  • Premium paid support - SMS, EM
  • Developer website contact form.

Up Checking

Validation by Service type - mini Testing

Uptime Logging


Push Notifications, Alerting Naggy Smart

  • Push notifications
  • Our servers log the ERRORs, and allow push from BE servers not PRO BM$
  • Monitoring clients (apps) themselves are monitored (MDM) so if lost can alert PRO BM$ = Alerting Naggy Smart

Monitor availability of

Complex Event Processing Backends

Ping Monitoring is not enough

ses a special monitoring engine with intelligent ping queueing so that you get the most accurate results.

Web Server Monitoring Basic accuracy

  • HTTP/HTTPS content matching (normally paid Pro Only)
  • You can not only check availability of URLs but also match specific content patterns.

BE REST Server monitoring

EZ to specify API content matching for testing. This is especially useful for web services, for example you could make sure your REST API returns this json string: " { 'name' : 'Michael Kuck' } "

mR Apps


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