Food Startups and Incubators

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Farmers Markets are not just for Vegetables

Food Innovation Markets to distribute Artisan food products

  1. The San Francisco Ferry building hosts many innovative food businesses, as well as Saturday Ferry Plaza Farmers Market
  2. La Cocina plans to open a marketplace in the Tenderloin District to provide an outlet for its food startups.

Enabling Online Food Product Sales

creating a line of fermented products that she sells online, at local Bay Area stores and at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. Aedan fermented foods - authentic Japanese miso, koji, and amasake

Food Startup Incubators

Food SMB Incubators help by 1. Convert unlicensed "home-kitchen vendors selling as street food" can use the incubator's typical five to ten commercial kitchen spaces at one time. t 2. Helping them develop business plans, pull city permits, advice, mentorship and more. 3. Capacity can double up or triple leverage, as many food businesses don't target rush lunch or dinner traffic. They can prep for a farmer's market sale, corporate catering gigs or weddings, while others might be making and packaging their food products. 4. In urban centres esp. like NY or SFO, they can provide a fantastic food court experience - an incredible and exciting range of techniques, flavors, perspectives, age, language.

  • La Cocina, San Francisco Mission, founded 2005 has helped local food entrepreneurs or chefs, many of whom are low-income immigrant women. More than 50 chefs became self business owners many with brick-and-mortar restaurants. Executive director Caleb Zigas.

La Cocina: The Incubator That Helps Immigrant Women Chase American Dream * Cookbook, We are La Cocina: Recipes in Pursuit of the American Dream


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