Frugal and Jugad Innovation in India

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Innovation for us for Rapid Change

Copy things that already work

  • China and India Ecommerce, Big tech - have succeeded

Maker Hubs

Honeybee networks - 140k ideas gathered by Anil Gupta online

BPYR 101 and Appropriate, Frugal Innovation

  • Globals - 0.1% - ultra wealthy in India - aligned with international mobile
  • Strivers - 1% -
  • Seekers 15% - Urban
  • Aspiring Poor
  • Deprived Poor

Innovation Networks, Cross-Pollination

Indian Innovation Jugaad Leaders

Uddhab Bharali cannot stop inventing things. He has created over 140 devices to help improve the lives of people. From agricultural machines that helps farmers grow green tea, to portable toilets that allow women safe access, to devices that allow disabled people to eat. His frugal innovation is transforming lives across India

1. Grass roots Jugad - informal sector and craftsmenship

Solutions not just 'For' the poor but also 'By' the poor. - Prof Anil Gupta - Frugal Innovation

2. Inclusive Innovations

  • For the Poor, can be developed by larger companies

Ex Tata Nano

3. Frugal Innovation are productive

  • Context sensitive solution to a problem - do more with less
  • More innovative solutions in resource poor environments
  • Not just for developing
  • Jaideep Prabhu, et al

4. Apply advanced research to on the ground applications

  • eg ISROs mars mission ultra cheap <$50m
  • Israel irrigation, weather forecasting help - better saved tens of thousands nowadays

5. Reverse Innovation

  • Ph 1 - Globalization - products designed in developed markets for sale in developing, BPYR
  • Ph 2 Glocalization - Some of the localization, customization, productization done in developing, BPYR - more appropriate
  • Ph 3 Local innovation
  • Ph 4 Innovation in Country for the World

  • Pioneered by Dartmouth prof Vijay Govindrajan

  • GE EEG machines - portable, robust Marc 400 $1000 (tenth of US) and GE Marc 1 - loved by Ambulances, Primary doctors

6. Frugal Innovation for Large Companies 101

Great hunger in MNCs for Frugal Innovation

This interest and hunger in MNCs are far more than in Indian companies

7. Becoming part of the Culture and Teaching Innovation


Jugaad Books


Jugad Cases in India

Cycle innovations

  • Floats, Thresh grain, etc. - Prof. Anil Gupta, IIM Ahmedabad took list of


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