Frugal Innovation, Jugad in India

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Frugal Innovation Keys and Trends

Frugal Innovation for Large Companies 101

Frugal Innovation are productive

Great hunger in MNCs for Frugal Innovation

This interest and hunger in MNCs are far more than in Indian companies

Jugada for Rapid Change in India

Jugada - informal sector and craftsmenship

Innovation Networks, Cross-Pollination

Prof Anil Gupta - Frugal Innovation

  • Sample Ideas

    • Iron fish put in pot for cooking dal - will provide enough iron for 5 years - or just have cast iron pot
    • Guda - brown sugar made in iron vessels - by giving girls a little brown sugar - iron deficiency fixed Also jaggery has multiple nutrients - solves many things!
  • Started Honeybee Network to share ideas across the country - started ~1992

    • Principles
      • Must use local languages not just English - so sharing can happen
      • Transparency - Voice, Velocity given to authors
      • If there is revenue - a reasonable share of income should go back to ideas
    • Online - Honey Bee Network
    • Distribute, share 4GB data of all back issues of data
    • Amit Kapoor doing another platform to distribute
  • For a product or service to be successful in mass

    • Accessibility
    • Affordability
    • Available - cannot be a stock out eg cheap
  • Criticisms

    • Ideas are not really worth that much - really worth only if implemented!
    • Wouldn't distribution matter => Let large well funded, well known companies be mooted first -> Amit Gupta says: Go with untested people, untested ideas - they will come up with different ideas -> Well powered companies will get enough support
    • Cultural Bottlenecks
  • Anil Gupta puzzles why India Corporates not interested

  • d Keynote by Prof. Anil Gupta, IIM Ahmedabad

  • The Honey Bee Network: Voices from Grassroots Innovators | Cultural Survival

  • Introductory Keynote by Anil Gupta - YouTube

  • Anil Gupta: India's hidden hotbeds of invention - YouTube
  • Distinguished Lecture by Prof. Anil Gupta - YouTube


Jugaad Cases in India

Cycle innovations

  • Floats, Thresh grain, etc. - Prof. Anil Gupta, IIM Ahmedabad took list of

India Health Innovation

India Education

  • 100k+ villages and PO - can we transmit bluetooth content to villages in Govt schools - Anil Gupta, IIMA

India R&D, Aerospace and Defense

5G - does it really help India - or can it be indigeneoused

Security in India

India IT, SaaS and AI for Rapid development


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