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By pjain      Published June 22, 2021, 8:59 p.m. in blog Travel-Workouts-Fitness   

Travel Tips

Post Covid Travel Tips - Within USA


Hawaii - Good, Open

Zion, Brice, LV, Tahoe

Crater Lake, Shasta/Lassen/Waterfalls, Safari round trip

Post Covid Travel Tips - International

Bargains to Target

London - SJ $370 - SFO $450

Vaccine Passport

EU and Canada are expected to have vaccine certification requirements for travelers worked out by early June.

5/21 There are 17 countries in the EU almost ready with the digital passport. And while I understand that there are countries that like to make people wait for hours in line or even weeks to get simple paperwork done (which shouldn't take more than minutes online), I still hope that with this new situation we are in, this could be achieved with even countries still doing stuff the old way.

--- Stay away from East Asia, Japan, China

Japan 2022 gamble : Don’t count on it opening up to tourists for quite a long time, inspite of all Olympic hoopla!



Travel Safety and Tips


Compression socks are my best tip for 10+ hour flights. What's your best long distance travel tip?

Walk around


  • bring your own empty plastic bottle fill at airport gate


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