Generic Pharma Industry

By pjain      Published July 18, 2020, 7:10 a.m. in blog Invest   

Generic Drugs

Sector Overview

  • Opiod settlement reduces risks

Major Generics

MYL - aggressive CEO

5.5f 0% 1yr=-35%

  • hurt by "bought rights to EpiPen then goofed price $50>$600"
  • Generic epipen TEVA competitor
  • Trades at 10% discount to even Teva
  • Acqs to boost growth eg Meda'16 at 2x mcap - myl-20% since-30% ? generic approval to compete Advair for Asthma of gsk WS projects 10% eps '19 8% in 2020

TEVA m12b - lots of debt

  • hurt bad - but look forwart - ?how realistic

RDY m7.4b y0.6% ROA12% DE=0.2

TARO m3b ROA=13% DE=0


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