Global Power Plays, Conspiracies Policy and Politics - WHO, EU, China vs USA - Covid-19

By pjain      Published May 11, 2020, 11:12 p.m. in blog Health   

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China Wuhan Biowarfare -xfr-

China's Biotech, Lifescience and Pharma Trillion Dollar plays!

China's Capture and Ongoing Control of WHO

Why China would want to Control WHO

Censorship culture inside China => Global Sensitive Capture

WHO Nov'19 - Feb Timeline - showing Capture and Control by China

How WHO Capture and Control by China was achieved

Capture and Control 101

WHO going forward May'2020

How to read between the lines!

  1. Anything said DIRECTLY by the President is HIGHLY suspect - assume coming to China's

  2. Things by WHO Scientists - are probably

  3. Is WHO releasing Hard data or suppressing like it did from Nov'2019 through end Feb'2020

  4. What are leadership changes, concessions to Global reform to boost its effectiveness

WHO Pushes for HIGH LEVELS of Lockdowns - Not Sane/Smart management

Leadership Structure of the WHO

President - seen as China's Tool

Dr. Mike Ryan, executive director of the WHO’s emergencies program

Alternatives to the WHO


Helping Manage Global Agenda

WHO officials say they are working with governments and hospitals around the world to collect data and more fully analyze Covid-19′s various symptoms and recovery.

Gates Billion dollars and Pandemics

Why is Bill Gates Backing the WHO after Capture by China is clear to see

Alleged Gates Conspiracy - Vaccine

WHO in the Past!

CORE ROLE: Data gathering, Analysis and Concluding

ISSUE: WHO is NOT Transparent

Failure of WHO - Leadership NOT changed after Trump pulls aid

  • Note it is important that one should take care that WHO has often been a politically motivated (?) selective source. Basically whose agenda is WHO advancing?


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