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By pjain      Published July 29, 2019, 1:49 a.m. in blog Programming   

BPR TYPESAFE compile time detect flaws

  • Lot of TDD for dynamic languages is just to catch stupid errors like POST id= string being passed in to ORM pk=id without conversion. This comes for free in static typed languages.

BPR SINGLE BINARY DEPLOYS is great in Go - just compile (or cross-compile for target) then can simply deploy built SINGLE lib (all deps included) to LUX Servers.

BPR BARE METAL VM GO PERFORMED BETTER because of his concurrency model and CPU scalability. Whenever we need to process some internal request we are doing it with separate Goroutine, which are 10x cheaper in resources than Python Threads.

BPR API Services/Web-Framework Built in

You Don’t Need Web Framework For Go This is the most awesome thing about programming language. Go language creators and the community have built in so many tools natively supported by language core, that in most of the cases you really don’t need any 3rd party library. For example it has http, json, html templating built in language natively and you can build very complex API services without even thinking about finding library on Github! But of course there is a lot of libraries and frameworks built for Go and making web applications with Go, but I’ll recommend build your web application or API service without any 3rd party library, because in most cases they are not making your life easier than using native packages.


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