Go Problems, Bad Parts

By pjain      Published July 29, 2019, 1:50 a.m. in blog Programming   

Docs and API Integration an Issue

I’ve writing a RESTful server using Golang, the database being used is MongoDB. When started, I wrote it in Python3. When it is about few thousands line of code, I rewrite the whole thing in Golang. If you just want to quickly get things up, python is faster. If you want to build things and make sure it is right from the group up, I personally prefer Golang because of its static typing. If your project needs to integrate to other API, python is more handy and is better documented. For my next prototype, I guess I will switch back to Python.

Syntactic Issues

Missing OOP, OOD, Generics

Also some must have concepts like generic iterator are just missing (or I don’t understand Go docs…)

More Batteries Included?

Compared to Python or Java, Golang programmers generally need to roll a ton of their own stuff. But it would help if more batteries included in the standard lib. I get that they want to be minimalist but what we end up instead is 10000 different implementations of the same thing. This goes against Golang’s goal of being a pragmatic and productive language that just gets out of your way.

HiPerf Go Native Deployment Servers

Go servers promise high perf and ease == just compile Go and run in production. Not sure if this is possible, now but the potential is there.

HOW: High Productive Go

People keep saying Go takes longer to develop than Python but I’m not sure that true.

With Go, you must think ahead more in the the design/implementation and also spend more time getting it to compile and run. But once you do, you already have something that’s more robust and production ready than what you would have with Python. In the end, time and money could be saved with Go.


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