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Learning Paths

  • Tour (slow) https://tour.golang.org/
  • To fast track basic syntax you can start tackling project Euler problems. http://projecteuler.net/
  • http://tip.golang.org/ref/spec is really readable
  • Write real world programs eg porting some Node.js code t

  • READ simple Go libraries I was finding on GitHub or through godoc.org

  • concurrent programming. Have learned to love it. - Watch Rob Pike's talk on concurrency patterns in Go

  • Writing web apps in go turned out to be surprisingly straightforward.

Intro - Quickstart

MDbooks tutes with Examples

Playground - REPL based tutes rapido


  • MUST> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCsL89YtqCs
  • watched a few of the videos that Russ and Andrew did. They were surprisingly helpful,

  • Casts https://devfreecasts.org/go/ https://www.devcasts.io/tag/go/


https://github.com/cdarwin/go-koans http://spf13.com/presentation/first-go-app/ * Older v05> http://go.googlecode.com/hg-history/release-branch.r60/doc/


  • http://pineapple.io/tags/go-language

Inter to Mastery -------

Intermediate Go

Go Internals, AR, Critique

Inside the Go Playground - The Go Blog Six years of Go - The Go Blog Six years of Go | Hacker News

c Cookbook, Recipes

  • Go Programming Cookbook 2nd ed Packt 7/19
  • Go Prog Blueprints 2ndEd Oct 2016 Packt
  • Go Recipes A Problem-Solution Approach Varghese, Shiju 2016 Apress
  • Go Std Lib Cookbk Feb 18 Pakt
  • $tut? Go Web Scraping Quickstart packt

WebDev with Go

MDBook Web apps in Go, the anti textbook hv Building Web Apps with Go ONLINE Build Web Application with Golang

  • Hands On full stack Dev with Go Mar19 Packt R5
  • Learning Go Web Dev Apr 16 packt
  • $ Go Web Programming Manning 2016
  • $ Go: Building Web Apps Aug 2016
  • Mastering Go Web Services By Nathan Kozyra - Apr 2015
  • $ Go WebDev Cookbook Apr2018

  • Isomorphic Go Dec17 Packt

Go Sys Programming, Concurrency

  • Go Systems Progr Sep 17 Packt
  • Hands On Systems Progr with Go Jul19 Packt
  • Mastering Concurrency in Go Jul2014 Packt

Distributed, Cloud, Net Prog

  • Distributed, Serverless
  • Distributed Computing with Go. Feb 2018 Packt
  • Hands On Serverless Apps with Go Aug18 Packt

  • Cloud

  • Cloud Native Prog with GoLang Dec2017 Packt

  • Containers

  • Mastering Docker 2ndEd Jul17 Packt
  • Docker Orchestration Jan17 Packt
  • Orchestrating Docker Jan15 Packt
  • Extending Docker Jun16 Packt
  • Build Your Own PaaS Docker Apr15 Packt
  • Monitoring Docker Dec15 Packt
  • Securing Docker Mar16 Packt

  • DevOps with Kubernetes 2ndEd Jan19 Packt

  • ~Getting Started Kubernetes Dec15 Packt
  • Kubernetes Design Pats and Ext Sep18 Packt
  • Getting Started with Terraform 2ndEd Jul17 Packt

  • ~Learn Openshift Jul18 Packt

  • Net Prog

Crypto, Security, Blockchain


  • Go ML Projects Nov'18
  • ML with Go 2nd Ed Apr2019 Packt

- Motorola Support - Find Answers | Motorola Mobility, Inc.

SwMgt, BPR, Team Productivity


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