Gourmet and DIY Coffees

By pjain      Published Oct. 21, 2019, 10:01 a.m. in blog Foodies   

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Brewed Coffee and Gourmet DIY for the Die-hard Pros!



French Press

Even the best instant coffee will never be as good as a whole bean coffee prepared in the French Press!

Coffee Brewing Stations

Keurig and Pod Coffee - Scams or Convenience

  • Forget the $1-$2 per pod hype, Keurig lets you stock multiple flavors

  • Keurig was a marketing genius long before Juul's pods for vaping flavors, but long after all the M&M candies (taste the same but different colors) or Jelly Belly candies (different tastes and swirls), Variety has been shown to be addicting - take one pod X today, and few hours later come back for pod Y!

  • Instead of 10-20' doing a BIG pot, or 5-10 minutes to use your French Press, you can simply use a Keurig pod in 1-2 minutes or using instant coffee in the microvave in 30 seconds.


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