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XFR Self-Teaching Education for Masses Makerspaces

These are educational programs bringing maker values of experiential learning and self-motivated discovery.

BPYR Makerspaces low overhead, more online, remote coaching

Need for BPYR Maker self teaching

  • NEED LACK OF CONTEXT 95% of its inhabitants had never used a laptop nor a smartphone,
  • SELF learning happens naturally - And those same ones could easily and quickly learn by themselves.
  • ONLINE Information is available freely - Resources available

Hands on Maker Labs in Schools

Impact on India

Appropriate Technology - are Makerspaces meeting local needs

Appropriate Technology movement was rooted in India,

  • The hope was the international maker movement would in India help in creating a platform for helping previously underrepresented people create change.

Swadeshi done right - don't protect inefficient locals.

  • British colonialism cut off hands of India's muslin weavers - makers of the finest cloth in the world, to force India as a colony to import UK's factory products, and relegate to low coolie labor, food and raw materials.

  • In reaction, India's independence movement was swept in "Swadeshi," a nationalist effort to create self sufficiency through local manufacturing.

MNCs have India Offshore - but yet to be centers of innovation

In an interview with the NY Times, the chairman of IBM's Indian operations said, "I am looking for India to be my hub for affordable innovation."

Jugaad - Maker Movement for BPYR

Make in India

Make in India initiative - Tied to GST to rationalize and make India an unified market - Tied to RCEP, MFN, Global Tariffs

  • 2014 started to spur Indian design and tech innovation,
  • 2015 brought in $63 B in foreign investments

Local TRUE Innovation by Hands on needs assessment

  • A girl developed a low-cost system to cool the water without electricity
  • two young students developed an aquaponic system to help Indian farmers to face water scarcity.

FUNDing Supplements P2P and BPYR ideas like Grameen, Kiva and other such

Helps craftsmanship like Etsy for BPYR

  • jewelry - learned everything online, and started to create her own jewels with the tools and materials of the space. One year later, she started her own jewellery business and is teaching other women of the village to do the same.
  • custom Saris

Educational Hands on Spaces

Project Defy - Hands on Maker Labs in Villages

  • Anyone can use the place to make online researches and work on one’s project. The self-learning school model of Project Defy provides a free access to a 50m² space, a good Internet connection, refurbished computers, and a simple tool set. Kaggalipura’s Nook cost only 500$.

  • Local space coordinators are volunteers, eg Deepika and Kushal, the lab managers, are both from Kaggalipura. They accompany members to make their online researches, to develop their project and to document it. Their knowledge of the local context and the absence of process allow them to provide the right answers to local needs.

    • Abhijit Sinha (Co-founder) started 2014-03
    • Megha Sharma Bhagat (Chief Growth Officer)

It's self-learning schools show that making one’s own education empowers the emergence of local solutions to local needs, by providing access to the Internet, and teaching only how to find the right information and share knowledge back to the community.

After launching two Nooks in India and one in Uganda, Project Defy plans this year to open 10 other ones across developing countries and will kickstart in September its one-year-program “Waking dream fellowship” to accompany and coach 6 women to achieve their dream.

y-center.org - Bengalaru



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