Happiness in Married Couples

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Secrets of Being Happily Married

You Win Negotiating instead of Zero-Sum WWIII

Marriage is not like War or Business. It is not a “zero-sum game” where you stake out the high ground and compete to win, while the other loses, and the net result is zero. There are only so many slices of the pie to go around.

Instead, can we approach it like a negotiation, where each party gives and takes what is important and both comes away feeling good about the outcome.

You Win Honey! But it is even better - you convince your wife that, in reality, she has won and she will be jumping for joy.

You are Her Imperfect Hubby that she has made a bit BETTER!

"She doesn’t expect you to always be perfect. .. She wants to form a more perfect husband. Nothing makes her happier than making you [LOOK] better .. in the eyes of her girlfriends (and her parents)." - Boreth

Domestic Bliss

Help Out at Home

Help Out with Kids

Looks, Grooming and "The Little Things"

Get a Close Shave

Nearly all women don't like beards - itches and scratches when kissing. Clean shaven hubbies are definitely the way to go.

  • Use multi-blade razors
  • shave AFTER a warm shower - softens and allows a better shave. Preferably use a hot water washcloth to exfoliate before applying cream
  • Use a good foaming shaving cream - a barely visible thin film is all you need - it allows a cleaner shave
  • Inspect carefully to avoid missing patches esp along jawline and neckbeards
  • Apply a tiny bit of alcohol-free moisturizing aftershave

Dental Hygiene and

Tame Body Odors

Gas Etiquette

The romance just deflates for women around BOs

  1. Identify foods that give you the most gas like beans, broccoli, onions, fatty spicy fried foods, dairy products esp cheeses, high-fiber foods, ice cream, soda, and beer.

  2. You may want to try eliminating one food at a time, and see if that makes a difference. It may just be that only one or two foods bring the vapors, and everything else is fine.

  3. Strategically avoid these foods or get a few hours margin away your loved ones to let the worst of the gas out.

Eating etiquette

  • Avoid huge meals. Women are usually picky eaters
  • Eat slowly, take small bites, and chew your food thoroughly.
  • Try to relax when you’re eating, set the setting take a few minutes to go to the dining table
  • Avoid eating meals in your car or on the run - improper chewing, or eating fast could produce more gas when digesting.
  • Eating with your mouth open or talking while you eat increases your chances of getting gas.


Sex, Romance and Communication

Know the Other - Spouse

Know Your Spouse's Vitals Stats

  • Anniversary
  • Birthday
  • Holiday#1 Gift Reminder
  • Holiday#2 Gift Reminder

  • Wishlist for Gifts

  • Favorite Color, Food, Flowers

  • Dress Size

  • Shoe Size
  • Bra Size

Help Out with Kids


  • How to iron your own damn shirt the perfect husband handbook featuring over 50 foolproof ways to win, woo wow your wife by Craig Boreth


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